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    ARENA-WAR PVP Minigame in Xsyon


    1. GAMEMASTER "RED" is building a Totem with Name "RED-FIGHTER"
    2. GAMEMASTER "BLUE" is building a Totem with Name "BLUE-FIGHTER"
    3.then GAMEMASTER build the Arena in the Picture above.
    4. PUBLIC-BASKET or a PUBLIC-BALL MODEL who can pickup from all tribes for the GM without Funktion is the Programmers turn---> 5 min work...hehe

    1.Players are leaving her clan and joins for ARENAFIGHT City "RED-FIGHTER (GM-RED)or BLUE-FIGHTER (GM-BLUE)"
    1a.)Matches with 16/16 or more is interesting and more great tactic.
    2.PLAYTIME is 1 Hour or 10 Goals! (or other)
    3. In the Mittle of the Playfield is a Basket with Stones or a CART (PUBLIC?) in it. (Player who picks up this Basket are slow)
    4. All Players are naked and without a weapon (unarmed).REDFIGHTER with a red cloth on his Body.BLUEFIGHTER with a blue Cloth on his body!
    5.Gamemaster with Yellow Commands give the STARTCOMMAND!
    6. City RedPlayer and City Blue Player now running over the beginning ramp to the middlepoint with the BASKET.
    7. TARGET of Red Player or Blue-player is it to bring this Basket/Cart (public for all) to his own Totem/or Startplatform.if one team has making a goal the GM bring the basket/Cart back to the middlepoint and the player starts (after command of a GM) to the next round from her startpoint again
    8.If a Red/Blue-Player is dead he is spawning at his totem and can walk back into the fight!
    9.After 1 Hour the team with the most goals are the winner
    1.WINNER of the Match--> All Player becomes Pieces 1000 Resources or 10 Tools NAILS,SAWS, and so on for her Clan
    2.THE LOOSER of the Match..: all Player( becomes 100 Resources or 1 Tool)

    END OF Game:
    The player left the RED City or BLUE-City ...going back to her City and joins to her orginal tribe

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    Xsyon Soccer

    Sounds like a soccer game except with a basket and players kill each other rather than fans

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    Interesting Idea, perhaps alittle grandios, but possible. Why no weapons and naked?... could we have event sponsored weapons? each player gets issued red/blue cloth, exact same armor in a bag at the starting totem... to be replaced between each match... all same qL.

    Homesteaders, and tribal leaders would only be able to partisapate at thier own risk (totems drop or swtich owners)... so that would probly elimiate them as players too.

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