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    New Player

    Hey all. Im new looking for a tribe that isn't already decked out so i can help build up the tribe.Interested in sandbox mmos and the hardcore full loot freedom type mmos. Played darkfall a while. Liking the active development team in xsyon and even if pvp isn't viable so far crafting system looks good. Logging in first time soon see you in game

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    I started thinking the same and in the end opted for a homestead where I am building up my own area etc and getting my skills up .I will eventually join a tribe but am loving the crafting and bartering for what I need
    Ask in global the tribes are always changing their layouts bound to find one to suit u

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    I definitely will, thanks.

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    You should check out our Tribe Advert for "Gaming Noob" tribe... we are relatively new and u could get in near the start of our tribe Thx..

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