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    config settings

    Just downloaded xsyon first thing i did was change the video setting to high resolution. Told me to restart so i did now when im in game i cant move my mouse, i can still hit tab and enter password and login but my mouse wont move. If anyone knows how to reset the configure settings so that the res is back to normal help would be appreciated.

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    I'm not at home so I can't look in my Xsyon folder but I believe you will find in your Xsyon folder a Bin folder. In there should be config file. You should be able to tell which one. Delete that, then re-patch.

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    Well thanks for the info, i actually ended up deleting all of xysons data i haven't the foggiest idea how i restarted the launcher and saw the install our new launcher link figured maybe i had the wrong launcher im sure it's the same launcher that i already have because i tried to install it and it got an error at the end so i hit cancel and it said rolling back changes or something so i assume that's how but anyways i have to download it all again, oh well at least my config settings will be reset.

    Added after 4 Hours 6 minutes:

    My mouse wont move at all at any resolution when the game is full screen, i cant stand playing windowed it ruins it for me, can anyone think of any fix?

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    I run windowed, but I run a 1280X900 which takes up the whole desk top and leaves my task bar at the bottom.

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