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    Label of buildings

    Hi, i like the new feature to label buildings as we can do with bins.

    But pls change the rights for doing so. Atm only the person how built the housing can change the name. Maybe you can control the right to rename a building also through the triberanks ? Would be a good thing
    Think you dont need to create a new point in the "rank creation" sector. Just take "Access all structures" and combine it with the right of renaming buildings.

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    I have not checked in on the test server to see how it works, But I'm hoping that with the new rent-a-shack feature that is(I think) in testing. It will give full rights to the renter. Letting you rename and add or take away walls, doors, and windows as you want to.

    Side thought, Would also be cool if some time later they would add a way to rent rooms. This could be cool for the tribes that plane on being trading hubs. And if sleeping on a bed gives you a few hours buff, The tribe could make a little more money on renting out rooms with beds to the travelers before there long walk home.

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    The plan is to set up permissions so renters and owners have a little more control over their areas, so people can have housing in other tribes, and tribes can work more like a city.

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