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    Message for Admins from a returning player.


    I would like to give Xsyon another try.
    Although when I left the game, I was fairly upset with it at the time and deleted my character.

    I was hoping it might be possible to restore him so that I could continue where I left off.
    I had months for skill grinding and I wouldn't want to go through that again.

    I know it is a big request, but I thought I'd ask anyway.
    Thank you.

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    Thank you for returning.
    I would suggest to email our Support and they can look into your request for you.
    You will need to provide as many details as possible about your previous Toon. But I'm sure Support will go through that with you.

    Thank you and welcome back.

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    Thank you for the quick replay Raguel, I will head over there immediately.

    Edit: Just sent an email, I'll let you guys know how it goes.

    Added after 3 Hours 46 minutes:

    Here is my first response. I'm really hopeful.


    Welcome back to Xsyon.

    What you are asking is possible but its very tricky and may take some time. It may not even be possible depending on how long ago it was when you deleted the toon.
    Could you tell us in as much accuracy as possible what stats/skill levels your character had?
    Any and all info you can give us will help in trying to restore your character.

    Thank you
    Xsyon Support"

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    My lastest reply.

    Could you please create a new character with the look and starting stats you want.
    Let us know the new name and we will restore what we can on the next Server restart.
    Thank you.
    Xsyon Support

    Sounds like a fair deal to me. I wouldn't want to do all this support work for someone who is pretending to be coming back.
    I just really hope they will be able to restore most (hopefully all of my stats)...

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