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    Feedback Request: Xsyon Trade Fair

    Greetings Survivors!

    Today (2012-02-18) was the first day for the Xsyon Trade Fair. We had a fantastic turn out, and I hope all that attended made some great trades, and came away some good bargains!

    Whilst attending the Trade Fair, I had a few whispers regarding it.
    Most were great comments and words of praise, but others were that of concern...

    The main reason for the Trade Fair was to bring players together in safe location to socialise, meet and greet and haggle for some much needed items.

    I'd love to read your thoughts on what you think of the Trade Fair as a common occurring event in general.
    Or if you are one of those players who had concern for the Trade Fair please let us know... If you would rather Message me in private you may do so.

    I look forward to reading your feedback...

    Thank you everyone.

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    I thought the event was fun, and good idea.

    I dont expect this to be something that you do forever, however, right now without the use of faster modes of travel this is a good way to get people to interact and have some good trading.

    I hope with the use of mounts, animal taming and maybe even magic ways to regenerate your energy, this type of trading can be done without guides.

    Another good idea I saw was maybe some way to display your wares so people can see without taking the items.

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    I like the idea and enjoyed the event. Met some players and made some trades. After thinking about it, i understand other players concerns. But, we have been asking for something to stimulate the economy and this did just that. I don't think it would hurt to do this once a month until other transport methods become more viable. If so, I agree that a way to view items for sale would be nice.

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    SOme trade fair market screenshots

    Thank you very much for comming to the Market ,I hope you can keep trading here again soon.

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    It would be nice to have a way we could see what was for sale. Maybe add another feature to baskets were you can lock them but be visible to anyone? This way you could set your basket down and people could see what you have for sale.

    Maybe even add a new cart that is a market cart with the side open or something and you could have it full of stuff? With the market carts you could even set them up outside of your tribe when your not in the trade center.

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    Would be nice if the table on the stalls was divided in to sections and possible for the person that had claimed the stall to open it like a basket and place items in it, the items would then be on the table according to where you placed it in. Maybe have an automatic flag at each item placed that you could write few letters.

    If the above is possible, then maybe take it step further and have the sides of the stalls the same way. Would be so cool to see clothing, weapons and tools hanging up.

    I noticed MrDDT had some problems moving and position his cart behind the counters, maybe move the stalls inner or the walls outer so sellers can have different types of carts on display. Would also be nice to have like a trade street outside near the water, that would also give for the option to add in stalls if needed at some point and possibly quite essential once there is livestock and some other neat big stuff I cant think up atm.

    But looked real nice and will be nice to check it each time this event happens and try to make the most of it.

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    enjoyed the event and will be great to stimulate trade. also gives us an aim to make stuff to sell. I agree that interactive baskets or displays would be great. this should be a regular event.

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