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    A returning player

    Hello survivors,
    I played for about a month in release. Due to some frustrations with the crafting interface (so much clicking), I decided to unsub for a while in order to save my wrists.
    I have always kept tabs on this game as the dream from Jordi is a great dream... one that speaks to me.

    Since that time, I placated my desire for gaming with Darkfall but as of recent, the developers and vision for that game have gone astray.

    To keep myself from making any knee-jerk reactions, I decided to re-evaluate this game for at least one week before making any commitments. It has been at least a week and I must say that I am impressed. The crafting is much friendlier to my wrist and the stability has increased tremendously. I have cancelled all other gaming subs and awaiting their expiration to re-sub my wifes account, aka alt.

    It may seem that I'm here to craft and build. Non-sense. I am here to kill you. I am fully aware that this game is not in PvP/loot form quite yet, but that's ok. I know it will be and I want to be ready when that day comes.

    My investment now lies with Xsyon. I look forward to having a good time with all of you.

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    Welcome back to Xsyon.

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