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    Guaging interest in forming an evil tribe

    I am wondering how many players would be interested in forming an evil tribe? I am not talking about a bunch of Ethugs like Truckboat, but a an evil tribe with some sort of backstory and purpose in the wastes. Maybe even an RP evil tribe? Who would be interested in joining? I lost interest in the game because I was here for the PVP. It seems that the main issues I had with it are fixed and I have returned. Unfortunately I have returned to a peaceful valley. Someone has to step up and be the bad guys. So let me know if you're interested. I am going ot think up a backstory and name for the Clan in the meantime.

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    Good luck to you and your new tribe, Not sure how many you will get on the forums(pop on forums seems way low). You may want to give a shout out in-game on Global if you have not done so all ready.

    I'm not the evil type of game player but it would be nice to see/have some type of player content.

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    Unfortunately I doubt many will be interested. Not even Industrial Strength does PvP when they have safe zone advantage.

    If they would just simply surround the current game map with open war lands both types of player could play in the same game world. There are far more players with an interest in this game + open pvp than there are interested in this game in it's current state. far, far more.

    Anyway, I would be interested, and know of some good locations. Maybe Vandal would join up with us? Doubt it though because he's got that huge tribe zone to himself. Another option would be to join vandal, if he would allow it. Only problem is Templar is at least 20 minutes away from Industrial Strength.

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    I am currently in Wolverines and not sure if anyone is still playing. We have a good amount of supplies or we can start from scratch. I have a spot planned out for an evil base, but I haven't had a chance to scout it out due to a character deleting incident.

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    TBH I am intriegued. Right now, I am in the rather sad situation that I have run out of room to build on, building in this game is what keeps me going so I am considering joining a larger tribe so I can get my archietecture fix. I might just turn ol' Golgafrincham over to the guides if they want it, after the archietecture event naturally. Evil tribe sounds fun and roleplaying some good old fashion Evul has potential.

    So if you need a chief archietect...

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    Why you be talkin' shit about Truckboat? It's been almost a year since we play and people are still cowering behind tents?

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    I'm just coming back to Xsyon, I'll try to settle down by myself for a while to remember how everything works.. But if you start your tribe count me in.

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