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Thread: Not starting up

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    Not starting up

    So i patched the game, but once it is finished just closes the window and thats it. Seems this is wrong, or am i missing something?

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    Re:Not starting up

    Hello Kalinin,

    Are you running Vista or Windows 7? Is the game being run as administrator?

    This is usually what would happen if you have an incorrect version of the installer, but I know that you have the correct version.

    The game should launch after the patcher closes down. The patcher programmer is working on the patcher right now, so any additional information I can get will be passed to him.

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    Re:Not starting up

    Im running Win7 x64, running as admin

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    Re:Not starting up

    Thanks for the quick response. The server is up right now and the game should run. If you run the patcher now, does this happen every time?

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    Re:Not starting up

    Still doing the same, just tried everything like 10 times

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    Re:Not starting up

    Ok. This isn't something that others have reported. Please email me at

    We're going to patch out another update in probably 12 hours or so. If that doesn't fix your problem, I'll send you special build that we can test.

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    Re:Not starting up

    Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86)???

    Only reason I mention this, if this is missing, the game wont start.

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    Re:Not starting up

    Just ran the usuall dx web update


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    Re:Not starting up

    Cool good to hear!

    Must remember that tippet (I think thats the term).

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