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    Questions of week 02/20 through 02/26

    Please post your questions to the Developers below...

    Thank you.

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    When are we going to see this?

    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon View Post
    The system will be revised after I patch out the tribe rank system and I think JCatano outlined it best. I'm convinced, there will be no respawn at your body. There will definitely be no forced 'ghost runs', but I'll let you stand and suffer a ghost for a minute while you watch your enemies loot you. :P

    I like Jadzia's idea about being able to bind at ally tribes. I think solo players should be able to bind at friendly tribes. I'll consider the bind slots for a few items. I just need to think about how to implement and display that properly.

    I agree with keeping it simple.

    Thanks to everyone for all the input. This is exactly what I'm looking for with Xsyon, making the game you all want to play without compromising the game that I want to play.

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    Well i suggested in suggestions, but didnt hear any of it, so i simply ask. Will campfire fuel reactivated in the next time? I mean tree planting works, chop firewood works and if i remember correctly the fueling system for campfire was allready implemented and just deactivated because the lack of regenerative fuel.

    Second question, as example tar, atm it has still no use but some players (and i dont mention any name) have allready occupied spots with a Second account. What will you do or what possibility will tribes have agains players with second, 3th or maybe 4th accounts, that occupied a rare ressourcespot with a 1 man homestead?

    And last question, can you allready be mention what the rare ressources, like tar (and i only know of that atm) will be used in the future? Maybe just a little hint?

    Another one, will there be in the future any kind of specialised production architecture buildings or furniture parts like smelter, oven, forge, brewery, sawmill or somethin like that, maybe to boost quality or for complex stuff?

    After lookin today at the forum and what people talks. Question Bowcraft / Bows. It seems like many peoples are intressted in Bows and specially the Arrows could become a new sort of trade-item to boost the trade. Would you consider it to push archery forward so we could excpect them sooner as next round? I am not even sure what it means on a time table when you say next round. =)

    When can we expect the possibility for Tribes to switch there Save-Zones on/off or to decide if you want a PvP or a PvE tribe?

    No offense, but i dont understand why real estate is more important then cooking feature, as example. Would you maybe consider it to start a vote-pool for the next 5-6 features and let the people vote to see if they would be more intressted that the basic skills get done or new features like real estate?

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    hello, thank you for responding last week.
    I have a couple of question.
    Are you going to introduce something to slow down animals when try to escape? being heavy injured should not run so fast right? it is difficult to run behind them, especially if they are large animals that run much faster than you. Or allow to mutilate limbs during combat in order not to make them run ... or use strings or rope to retain... it's just an idea (well, twith the early introduction of ranged weapon the music could change)
    What about boulder outside tribe area? they are very annoying because it does not allow you to plant trees even if they are not closer. In the future is there a possibility to remove the buolders or plant trees near them?

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    Tents and Teepees, will we be able to tear them down and pack them up and relocate them, like real tents and teepees?

    Thus giving us a chance to be nomadic. It would be cool to have a few people who work together but are all solo players, who pull up stakes in winter move down into the valleys till spring and then move back up into the hills for summer for hunting, and move their tents with them, instead of making new ones everytime they move.

    As for mounts, will we be able to ride any animal large enough or will it be the standard horse? Also will we need a saddle and tack to ride?

    Will there be mounted combat, mounted archery?

    With archery, will we also have thrown weapons, spears and javelins?

    Tribal warfare, aka seige warfare, will we be able to build catapults, trebuchetes, ballistas, and other such weapons? And will they be useable on more than just structures?

    Comfirt system, will the weather actually have a real affect on our characters performance or will it just be a "pretty" feature that has no real affect?

    Will we see the implimentation of traps, slow traps, snares for NPCs, and damage traps for players?

    Last question for this week.

    The mist, will it move back some more after this round of patches to give us more world?

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    Can we get some sort of land to fight other tribes for. perhaps zones? we have to have certain challenges to conquer a zone? this way we can have a little more struggles with other tribes and perhaps wars. one being that if an enemy tribe gathers resources in our land they will gain extra bonuses and so on. Just an idea.

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    What Quarter could we estimate to see things like:

    Cooking, Comfort, Farming, Faith.

    Will there be various types of crops?

    Seaons: Will we be seeing more weather effects? Maybe storms causing damage, heavy rain, lakes freezing over etc.

    Hunger: Have you thougth about having the Quality of your food affect not only filling but how fast you use up your stamina again.

    What will the Real Estate "system" mean for the game, what purpose do you have in mind for it?

    Have you thougth about letting people move their totems without dismantling it completely and having to reinvite all the members?

    Would it be possible that we in the future can name our Tribe and Village Separately?

    Considerd Carthographer as a skill instead of a minimap, where the character sits down and draws his surroundings with some landmarks and the better the skill the higher the detail?

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    I was hoping you could talk about tribal faction (good neutral evil) for a little bit. I know there is a lot that will go in before tribal faction, But could you tell us if it's even something we could look for in the next few months or so? Have you thought how tribal facton will work with the way the game is now? If so could you give us a rough outline of what you are thinking about.

    I ask because I still see people talking of Tribal war's, And it seems like before you started down that road we would need to have tribal faction in place first.


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    Hi love the game! Not playing currently but im following the development closley. I have a question about the combat. When i was playing a while back many people wanted the combat to be like it is in Mount and Blade. The combat has since changed but it's still not even close to the mount and blade combat, will you continue to work on this? Mount and blade type combat would be really nice in a game like this.

    And also will you let old players come back after the decay system or before the decay system?

    And to my last question when will you expand the lands into the mist zone?


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    We as players get asked what we would like to see as our top 5 priorities, I would like to know what the dev team feels are the top 5 priorities?

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