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    New Basket Locks option

    As a leader of a fairly large tribe I love this option.

    We can now lock down baskets inside tents, and on the ground so people cant pick up or destroy just because they can open/access them.

    However, I would like a change to the system. Currently you have it so only true tribe leaders can "override" the "permissions" option.

    Officers/Leaders with "Access All Containers" can open any container in the tribe area.

    Why not have it so there is a check box for "permissions" for ranking system?
    Right now its almost unplayable as I spend most of my time fixing baskets that of the 80+ members I have drop in the tribe area, as no one else can do it.

    As a leader most of my time shouldnt be fixing baskets inside the tribe lands. This is causing a major problem for my play and other officers play. Most of the officers in the tribe are there to help organize the tribal lands, being that they cant move baskets is causing problems.

    Can we please add the option on the totem to allow people with the correct settings to pick up baskets inside the tribal area?

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    Kind of like Fallen Earth. Its a good system and it works.

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