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    Trade Fair :: 02/23/12

    Hello Fellow Survivors and TRADERS!

    Feb 23rd is the "tentative" day for the next Trade Fair. I'd like to get a little forum post together w/ items we plan to bring/trade. Try to keep two lists - What you are bringing and what you're looking for.

    It'll help everyone if we're a little more organized. Good Luck - And thank for participating in the forums if you choose to do so.

    Small Plates
    Cloth Twine
    Grass Twine
    Human Bones (Misc)
    Scheme/Patterns- Link Below W/ Pattern/Scheme available for Trade

    Designs - Specifically Pioneer designs
    Nails - Prefer Old style w/ no stats

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    Kinda hard to set what is going on when, guides cant give us a time or follow the dates they set. So I guess going to have to wait til they start teleporting.

    List of items -IS- needs are as follows.

    Nails, Screws, Rivets, Bolts.
    Old Saw blades, Knife blades, Pick heads, Shovel heads.
    Med metal studs, Small metal plates
    Raccoon leather, Coyote leather, bear leather, deer leather (and all mutant types of leather)
    Bear bones, and all mutant bones.

    All recipes.

    Selling, carts, weapons (supreme QL), bone armor, leather armor, cloth armor, saws, recipes, and tools. Master Pioneer tools also.

    Link to the price guide.

    Industrial Strength Boot Camp Price Guide Link CLICK ME!!!

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    I plan to attend as many of these Trade Fairs as possible. I'm good to go on Saturdays but during the week it all depends on the time as I may be working. That being said, I may not be at today's event.

    WTB: Mason Granite Corner Wall Blueprint

    WTS: Human Skulls

    I will bring nails to use as currency and plan to shop around for other things.


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    8:00PM PST is when it's scheduled, I hope to see you there!

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    We're looking for Blueprints:
    Gadu Hide roof
    Pioneer 2x2x4 platform
    Scavenger Stud Floor

    Craftsman pioneer Handcart part schemes:

    Have for trade Recipes (all type), Blueprints, Rivets, Bolts, Old Saw Blades, Knife Blades, Pick Heads, Shovel Heads, Small Metal Plates. May have some Med Metal Studs.

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    Updated my post with a link to the price guide.

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    Looking forward to seeing you all at the trade faire.

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    Thanks guides for helping with the trade fair. Had a lot of people show up today.

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    I second that - Good event and good turnout. Thanks again for the assistance.

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    i was in bed couldn't make it! Hope it went well!

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