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    So, 2 ppl with the same prob.

    We both jumped out of the water, over a self-made-wall onto the other ground, and we freeze at our jumping-animation, no moving, nothing we could do, only relog!

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    Re: Jumping

    I have the same problem as well. This is apparently not fixed. sometimes if you can get back into the water it fixes the jump bug.

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    Yes i can confirm also . you stay in the jump position and float across the land . No energy loss. Happens mostly wheni run and jump, Or jump off a ledge to lower ground.

    Some times i go into the "Starfish" position and float ,

    I did report this but for some reason the forums and gone back to the future

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    same issue for me however going into deep water (start swimming) seems to clear it up.

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    Had the same problem yesterday after picking up a bundle of branches.
    Walked a few steps, jumped and got stuck in a starfish position. Felt like I was tied to the branches that was piled into the ground. :laugh:

    Couldn't move at all too.

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