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    The menace of freel - death of the shadowbear

    And here you can see the dead of the deadly menace of Freel. The good old shadowbear.

    That was a good huntin and our Zone is a little bit saver again!

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    Nice good job!

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    WTG Guys. Those bears are tough.

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    Holy smokes thats a big bear. Nice job.

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    cheaters! Notice the water debuff.... :P

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    I had to swim and looked for a good screenshot place.... :P

    No but honestly.... in open field and close combat it would be mostly impossible to kill this one without bows or mutch stronger weapons.
    1 hit did to me 36.32 damage. And he had somethin about 800-1000 HP.... that was long 15 minutes to kill this one.

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