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    Bow,Horses,Undead..Then PVP/PVE Events without End

    hi... all our Clanmember and more they have waiting for this.
    i think we have in Moment work without end with our City.With the Features today in Game we need 2-3 month for our city.
    But...i have found that XSYON would grow rapidly more if the player see the next step of Features is more PVP dedicated Ranged combat with Bows,2 hand sword, and a horse.
    i talked about this and the last week 9 members from our Multigamingclan are coming to Xsyon
    if we talk about this Features all of us we are enthusiastic.
    But..if this feature need more time...(after next BUILDING-FEATURE Cooking-->this need time 1,5 month i think )the Interest is not more so enthusiastic.
    What does the other clans in XSYON think over this.
    Next Step after(Stats,totemDecay and so on):
    -First...PVP Content (Bow,2 handsword,horse and so on)?
    -First COOKING?

    Greetings Whorlok :.

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    The things you mention are coming, but i wouldnt say they are coming anytime soon.

    Next up is finishing the Real Estate system and the long awaited revisions to skills, stats, experience and quests which all tie in together. Those will be followed by free time for players to return and revisit Xsyon and finally... totem decay.
    And from what i can read its something that will come with the next combat update, but the combat programmer is currently working on optimizing AI

    Basically our currently features in progress:
    Real estate, revised quests and revised skill and stat gain.

    These together should incite players to adventure and travel more rather than grind. Travel will be risky with more enemy player and creature encounters, including undead. Armor and weapons, which are the primary 'end crafts' should then have more value for trade.

    After these revisions we will see what's next.

    We also plan to revise resource distribution again once we have a proper tool to visualize the distribution better and localize more resources, including more metal resources, tree types and when implemented, crops.

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