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    Questions of Week 02/28 through 03/04

    Please post your Questions to the developers below...

    Thank you.

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    Hello, other questions for you
    the quality of the seeds affects the growth factor of the trees? and if so when the tree(from high quality seeds) is felled releases more pieces of wood? so how does it works the quality of the seeds? How long it takes to grow a tree to release many pieces of wood? is there a relationship between quality seeds planted and forestry?

    How long does it take grass to grow? or does not grow anymore once eradicated?

    when you are going to introduce comfort? and what it entails? how it will change the gameplay?

    you are going to include a way to see who's online among our friends and fellow tribesmen? currently you can only see a list of friends and tribe members ... will you improve this feature in the future?

    in the future will you implement public lighting as torches, oil lamps and similar?

    what are your priorities for expansion of the game,in the short to medium future, after Rela Estate System and ranged combat?

    Thanks a lot for responding.... and sorry if i'm annoying with all this question...also for my speaking, i hope you can understand all my question

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    1.) What affects animal parts and bone quality? I can get anything from moderate to very high quality from the same animal. Is it just hunting? The knife quality you use? Or the part you are harvesting as well?

    2.) For tracking, how do you plan to implement it? Will there be an arrow pointing to the desired animal? Or will there be more of a learning curve, with different animal tracks etc?

    3.) What are the plans for the different animal parts harvested? Will they have more than one use? Decorations etc maybe?

    4.) Will hunting also be used for harvesting human bones? And are there plans to include specific recipes that utilize mutants' bones as materials?


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    I have just discovered today that a cart will not fit through some of the gates are you planing on fixing this soon? Like the "Bamati Lagag Gate" it has two doors and only one of the doors opens up and it only opens up about about half way causing the cart to get stuck when you try to go through. The cart would fit if both doors on the gate opened and if they were to open all the way instead of half way.

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    When farming is implemented, will the "field" structures also be rentable/buyable via the Real Estate system?

    Trees grow on an incredibly accelerated timescale (relative to RL). What timescale do you have in mind for farmable crops? Plant and harvest within a single play-session or multiple days to harvest?

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    Hi guys.

    In the 02-22 update you talked about a skill/stat revamp. Are we going to see the soft cap/skill decay at this stage? If is it so, can you provide some information about?
    If you are not going to put a form of cap with the revamp, will you in the future or you dropped the idea?
    Last question, if we are not going to have a cap, do you think that the actual crafting/economy where everybody can be, with less or more time, totally indipendent is the path the game will follow?
    I can remeber that the cap was a controversial topic but also a firm point and i hope to see it soon in game.

    First time i post something in the Q&A section so let me thank you for both great communication and the improvement the game is having. Hope my english is good enaugh to make my questions clear.

    Boris Grushenko - Little Itlay tribe

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    When will you start introducing us to this worlds gods and religion?

    Ever considerd more depth to architecture thinking along these lines:

    If im out swimming and run out of stamina, shouldnt i drown?

    Will realestate only work with tents and finished construcitons or will i be able to apply it on houses built out of 3 walls, door and roof/floor as well.. i mean more custom houses.

    Free time with Totem Decay, will it be applied to active accounts as well or just inactve ones?

    What are you planned features for guilds (not tribes) and what will be the difference between a guild / tribe

    What do you think about the idea of having stone roads, similar to paving but you need rock in your inventory?

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