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    Chatbox question

    Hey guys,

    I recently bought the game and so far I like it quite a bit except I can't figure how to change the font size and color as well as the chat window's transparency.

    I dont see anything in the settings window. Can someone explain how to change these settings?


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    plain and simple you cant.

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    I think the only one you can is the transparency. To do that there is a little dot in the top left of the chat window click and drag it down.

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    Oh whoa that's pretty surprising.

    Thanks guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arkanetos View Post
    Oh whoa that's pretty surprising.

    Thanks guys.
    Well the simple truth is that the devs don't do jack about those types of silly GUI issues for months. And then, all of a sudden they changed things (like the chatcolors and dimensions of the box.
    But sadly they don't make it configurable or even do it 'right'. Hence the almost readable text and an obscure slider for transparancy that often doesn't improve much..
    Then we are stuck with it again for probably eons. I bet they will change it to some other almost usable form 'soon(tm)'...

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