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    Questions of Week 03/05 through 03/11

    Please post your Questions to the developers below...

    Thank you.

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    What is the magic system going to be like? Are most the spells going to be geared for damage and fighting or will there be more domestic uses for it? Watering crops, creating magic groves, finding resources, blessing construction sights.. That kind of stuff. How useful will a mage/druid/priest be over all?

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    So far with forum wars and threads closed just because some people don't want anyone else to share their ideas, can you please make a poll tab at game launcher with the link to forum sticky poll? that if someone want to leave a comment. To make it more private, so people can avoid unpleasant discussions such as those.
    I placed a suggestion in a suggestion section about poll.
    Dear Xsyon help us all players to help determine the future of Xsyon!, and to have ability to speak-up without forum wars.
    I love this game, and also many others, those who could support Xsyon as well, if it is created to fit all play styles.
    No one want to engage in forum wars like that, I didn't want it as well, but people pushed me, and then started to make it personal just to close my thread.
    So, please make an official poll and have it open always, each time someone suggests an idea? add it to a poll and have each feature to be separated with a check box next to it, so people could vote on what they would like in the game.
    For example:
    Instead of, "PVE server with optional PVP by flagging" to something like this, "open world PVP server" "open world PVP server with safe zones" "optional PVP server by flagging" "optional PVP server with limited PVP zones" "one server with two zones, one for PVP and one for PVE split". And any other ideas, like you did with the baskets, and then people forced you to reset all baskets on tribal areas, but the damage is done. To avoid such problems you could do poll and be able to decide ahead of time. I am sure you will have a big problem with totem decay as well, so make a poll first and see what all people think not just a few.

    When you go through with totem decay? have zombies to spawn first with baskets when baskets go public so zombies could destroy all things around totem first before totem it self, so then it would be up to players to kill zombies first in order to get to baskets or structures, that if anything left to pick. Zomies should be tough and stronger then strongest bear, since they're mutants, and not just one to be spawned at the totem but like 6 or so, to get to someone else property should be a challenge for a player, and even impossible for just one or even few players. That would make a fair game.

    Did you decrease chance on finding blue-prints? I barely can find any, and I have my scavenge skill about 40, I only found one schematic, you should decrease chance on metals and leather the chance is still to high, nails are fine.

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    What are your plans for the upcoming alignement system?
    - what will the rules be for good, neutral and evil? Loot, PVP rules of engagement, rewards/penalties, territorial control etc.
    - How will alignement be determined? You have stated that breaking locks on baskets will decrease your alignement, what else?
    - Have you considered further alignement options like chaotic, neutral and lawfull?

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    What's needed in the game for you to consider the next phase? (Prelude being this phase)

    When will we see the first signs of metalworking?

    Whats the future plans for junkyards?

    Anymore tools planned for Terraforming?

    Any Plans for NPC Guards / Vendors? ( would be a pretty good sink )


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    copy pasted from my "How are things going" thread,


    Reason for activity: Primary reason I and my clan Society of the Anvil left.

    You can craft armor and weapons -- why? To be better equipped for killing mobs and players -- why would i kill mobs? To harvest their resources -- why? to craft more armor and weapons -- why would i kill players? To take their stuff -- i have access to all the same resources their junk piles have, there is no deficiency in any resource, and pvp in and of itself is not fun, so there is no recreational nor functional purpose behind pvp

    How are problems / questions like these being addressed? Is there any indication from the developer that purpose will be given attention any time soon?

    Regarding resources -- when i / we left, everyone had access to everything, contributing to some of the circular logic problems i stated above. Is there any indication resources will be harder to get, or certain resources becoming localized? Anything about better / more necessary resources being in safezone-less areas only?

    Is there any indication there will be penalties for safezones / removal of safezones / bonuses for tribes who do not have safezones in the coming future?

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    Will you increase the distance the camera is from the character? As it is now it just feels way to close to get a good overview.

    Working on stuff, mostly terraforming, can be a pain on the eyes during nighttime and the light from fires is rather weak, any plans on giving us the option to disable day/night while terraforming or perhaps giving us better lightsources?

    Snow, bad for new players as they cant see junk piles, any plans on making junk piles more visable during winter?

    Will we be able to make bone saws, or from other materials at some point?

    Granite (not sure about Basalt and mountain Limestone) cant be terraformed, which kinda makes a big part of the world unsuitable for a tribe to settla down. Will we be able to carve them out or if not, have the ability to put dirt on top of said rocks?

    Do you have plans on having a "mentor" ability in the game, where an older player can mentor a younger player and teach him how to make XYZ item?

    One thing I felt was really lacking when I started playing was the ability to make a basic shelter with branches, leafs and grass, nothing fancy and no or at most 1 slott for a container, but craftable by every new character so they can have a sense of a "home" from day one, is this something you see happening?

    Will we be able to build multistory buildings without raising the ground, start project, dig, new project ect, like just building the first floor and then another floor on top of it?

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    When will creature AI be fixed? Agil, damage .. etc.. when will these stats be fixed for armor and weapons? When will we see MORE creatures -- right now when we go hunting, for hours we find many baron zones of creatures.. please fix ASAP Combat is a big part of this game and many people just quit because of the lack of creatures and difficulty with creatures. Bones are a great reward but what incentive is there to kill a Giant Bear or a Baby Bear they give the same reward what are you going to change to fix this??? Please elaborate.

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    How do you feel about Putin's re-election? Is it a hot topic where you are, or do people just go about their business not too concerned about it?
    US media makes it sound like some sort of Russian Spring is brewing.

    Not game related so apologies and understood if removed, just curious since you're on location.

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    Can we get an official answer to the question of pulling animals into the water to kill them where they cant fight back? Is this a valid tactic or not? Getting mixed reports from players/guides.

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