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    Within The System

    Exclamation Welcome the System...

    You have all become so comfortable in your new homes, crafting away without a care. Even after attempts to reset the balance you all continue to cut, burn, and kill.

    But don't worry, I will ensure that your corrupted files are purged...

    The system is coming, you all will assimilate, assimilate, assi0101010... a1010101....

    101001010010 ... the end is nigh. Running .exe OP file S.E.E.D.

    - end transmission

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    Welcome to Xsyon.

    I've seen your chat in /y, and can see you doing some RP.

    If you looking to join a tribe click on my sig.

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    Xsyon - z739
    Looks at his baskets... Knowing his baskets don't like this one very much.

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    New Vegas Republic, 'Murica
    The New Vegas Republic has determined this new technology must be contained and studied. The Wolverines will be deploying recon teams to track down this entity and contain it for the safety of the Lake Tahoe Basin region.

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    *climbs down into library cellar...*

    Let's see here... Ancients used these types of designs *rummages through scavenged tomes*... ah, right, that's where I saw it...

    Okay, looks like something they called binary... uhm, yup, ten kinds of people in the world... understand binary and don't... ?? well that makes no sense...

    Hex translations... hmm, ok, group by 4, carry over, right...

    x1052... did I do this right? x1052... could be nothing.

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