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    Hi folks! I'm watching the original Survivors BBC TV series is Xyson something like the world after most of the human population of earth was wiped out? Xyson looks like an awesome game world, the vast wild emptiness to survive in and explore is very appealing.. is there any comparison with the TV series? Did anyone watch it?

    PS is there any US equivalent to the UK Survivors TV series?


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    That Survivors show was absolutely awesome! I caught it on Netflix.

    Can't really speak to the comparison with Xsyon, perhaps someone else can offer some input on that.

    Have you checked out The Colony series from the Discovery Channel? It's more of a reality show, but if you're into post-apocalyptic survival shows, it's definitely worth a watch. It's on Netflix as well. I learned a lot from that series.

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    The Colony is pretty cool show. I always get a bit apprehensive cause those guys get pretty crazy sometimes and I think someones going to seriously get hurt. Another Post Appoc show that wasn't to bad is Jeremiah its about 10 years old now but it wasn't to bad.

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