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    Please answer this

    Why is this guy still in Xsyon?
    Quote Originally Posted by Omniwar View Post
    From a business point of view I honestly dont understand why he hasnt been removed from the game himself, see, I have been playing for under a month and I already know of 4 players that were being griefed by him and 3 of those were about to cancel their subscription when he was given a warning for grieving and exploiting, I assume there must be countless people that have been camped to oblivion until they quit the game since I know of handful in the short time I played.
    I was about to respond to this thread with this
    Quote Originally Posted by Willowhawk View Post
    You might want to be careful Omniwar, I would sooner expect to see you removed for saying your peace than this self serving grieving narcissist. JMO]
    when it was shut down

    Omniwar did not mention a single name yet it is that obvious who this is in reference to by the description. So if this is so obvious to everyone then why is this unnamed person still in the game and forum?

    You can cancel my account if you want for posting this, but I want answers. I was saying this 6 months ago. This guy is more detrimental to this game and runs more people out of the game than all the other players combined. He obviously has pull with the developers and enjoys favoritism in game so everyone is afraid to open their mouth and say anything against him. Certain Guides hang out at his tribe all the time, and I have never seen that in another game. That alone is usually frowned upon heavily and should question the guides integrity as well as this persons sway with the developers. Bottom line, I have not spoken to a single person in game or forum chat who does not despise him and want him gone. As I said 6 months ago, as a business man I would not have given it a single thought, he would have been gone just for all the friction he causes with anyone who tries to post their thoughts, let alone the abuse he commits in game.

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    Umm ok this is getting silly.

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    I just don't understand this as well, Xsyon lost and is still willing to loose so many people over one person agenda, that is a mystery to me I can't understand.
    This is a proof enough for me who rules and who is actual owner of Xsyon.
    If I was the owner of this game I would rather split the community and let people to decide which side and features they want to choose, instead of loosing players.

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    Its not one persons agenda here its the few of you who have an agenda.You all do not speak for everyone in the game and im sick of it to tell you the truth.

    Can this thread please be removed.

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    These type of threads, and this type of stuff is detrimental to the community. This constant bickering back and forth between everyone. It is a game guys, when did we forget this? When did we stop playing only to stress and hold grudge. Nothing and I mean NOTHING in this game has any value, nails or otherwise which makes it worth being in conflict with one another.

    it is a game, I am here to enjoy the company of all of you regardless who are what you consider yourself. It is a game, nothing to gain from all this bad blood

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    A moderator has taken action. This is a positive development!

    I understand the frustration of the timing when rather clear insults have been leveled at certain players recently without any apparent repercussion. Particularly when this is done by people who feel perfectly fine blatantly saying they are just here to troll the individual and do so with impunity because no action (no clearly apparent action) was taken at that time.

    I have no idea what the deal is with how these things are decided.

    In the meantime, I will continue to report posts that are in blatant violation of common decency, as everyone should. With the current threat of infraction, I feel assured action will be taken at next opportunity.

    This would be very good for the game as the first thing people do when considering a game such as this is check the forums for information. I cannot imagine the tone and tenor of the conversations which have transpired recently would have anything but a negative effect on prospective customers.

    Anything that brings the forums back in line with the point of gaming, having fun and making friends, is a great step in the right direction. Let's see more of it!

    Hope everyone has an awesome week-end!

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    Closed. If anyone has any complaints, the correct channel to report them is to email the Abuse or Support Emails.

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