Hi wildzone here, I'm a complete beginner when it comes to Xsyon. I have been watching Saintbob001 and asiaboy2008 on YouTube, have to say I'm feeling inspired to sign up and experience Xsyon for myself, I really want to get started and explore! The big problem is I am apprehensive about being alone in a vast intimidating environment with wild creatures and mutated nasties (and possibly including aggressive Xsyon citizens?) to contend with when I will most likely be unarmed and defenceless.. definately not good.

I see that Wazcool of the Gaming Noob tribe envisions the formation of a 'massive tribe network', the idea came up about having OMG's ('Occupy Meet+Greet'.. more on the 'occupy' aspect later), similar to Trade Fairs as a way for noobs and solitary citizens etc to get together and have fun. I'd guess people use the in-game chat channels and talk to each other yet never meet, solitary citizens possibly end up feeling left out and lonely not being part of a tribe or of any formal social group.

New and solitary citizens unencumbered by tribe commitments and duties could attend OMG's at a start location as a suggestion possibly one hour before an official event like a treasure hunt and maybe at other pre-arranged times to suit. As a future development after totem decay has been introduced, MTN 'occupy camps' could start to form and spread as a 'nexus of ideas' no tribes, simply an unorganised leaderless group of citizens with ideas that meet up occasionally.

I propose the inaugural MTN meet up today at Gaming Noob near to Sugar Pine start location 11PM PST (19:00 UTC).

.. I'm really hoping for a friendly welcome to Xsyon