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    Ancient Embers - Commercial, Content Creation, PvP

    Ancient Embers - Commercial Expansion, Family Friendly, Content Creation, PvP


    To build and defend a commercial city state empire similar to Renaissance Florence or Venice.

    Ancient Embers is a commercial expansionist tribe having the over-arching goal of bringing about a new renaissance of civilization to a lost humanity. We seek to expand by peaceful commercial means but will not hesitate to go after tribes who by their aggression, crudeness, and monopolistic tendencies seek to destroy this rebirth. We value knowledge, courage, honesty, innovation, culture, trade, and profit. We will be a good leaning neutral guild which will allow us to go after self-proclaimed "good" tribes who are either a front for an evil tribe or act against the interests of civilization. Our tribal colors are Orange and Black.

    Our Web Site:

    Player Types

    Creating and maintaining a prosperous city state for all to enjoy requires the integration of all player types, including both casual and hard core. Our cluster based organization makes this possible.

    In-game professions include:

    1. Explorers
    2. Harvesters
    3. PvPers
    4. PvEers (animal, mutant, and undead hunters)
    5. Crafters
    6. Intelligence Agents (in game)
    7. Landscape Architects - gardens, defensive works, roads, etc.

    Out-of-game professions include:

    1. Diplomats - A we grow diplomats will be required to liaison with other guilds, enemies as well as allies, in game and out of game (forum monitoring, etc).
    2. Content Designers - In this game players must provide most of the game's content and this includes role-play event designers. Content will bring players to our cities and make them commercial centers.
    3. Counselors - A few members with good people skills will be needed smooth over the inevitable personality conflicts.
    4. Historians - To keep track of tribal history with screen-shots and event recording.
    5. Cartographers (map-makers) - maps of all kinds from PvP specific, to resources. Some will be for tribal use and others released to the public as a contribution to civilization.
    6. Artists - From insignias to in-game textures and sculptures (hopefully)

    Organizational Structure

    Ancient Embers is a Constitutional Chiefdom (monarchy) having a flat interest-cluster organization.

    Interest clusters are semi-autonomous tribal groupings that any member may propose. In general, members may join more than one. They come in three varieties:

    1. Task forces - Task forces are a temporary clusters that results from some member volunteering to lead the completion of some task such as constructing a building, defending a resource gathering expedition, or conducting a raid deep into enemy territory. Successful task force leadership will make one eligible for leading more permanent clusters.
    2. Clans - Clans are loose general interest groupings for both casual and hard-core players covering such areas as crafting harvesting, exploring, PvP, PvE, diplomacy, roleplay interests, and intelligence gathering. If a clan cluster gets large enough some member, after consultations with other clan members, will be asked to lead that clan. Tips and tricks of the trade will be shared in the clan forums.
    3. Families - Families are small, tight-knit groupings for hard-core players who play in the same time zone. As such they are semi-autonomous sub-guilds whose leader sets the join requirements. The most common families will probably be elite PvP squads, commercial companies. and roleplay interests, Members of families are given a higher security level than normal members.

    A Constitutional Chiefdom means that all leadership, including the tribe's leader, are subject to laws that may be proposed by the membership to affect the whole tribe or just a certain interest cluster. Laws are passed by simple majority vote by those affected although the tribe's leader may veto them. Votes will be conducted on the forum. In the absence of a law leaders are free to make any decision they feel is best. Members are also free to conduct polls of any kind as the aim of the leadership is to govern based upon the general consensus of our members.

    Any member may propose laws.

    Voice chat on Ventrilo is optional tribe wide but it may be required for certain operations (such as PvP) or by certain family clusters.

    Economics and Profit Sharing

    Initially we will all work together to create a small city of our own. Once that city is established with a small cash cushion, taxes on economic activity and/or property will fund other tribal activities. That revenue source will fund a profit sharing plan with each member's tribal contributions recorded by Xsyon's tribal quest system. The profits will be distributed weekly unless they are too small in which case distributions will be done as soon as enough profits accumulate. As a consequence the immediate rewards for successful questing will be low but the profit sharing amount will be some multiple of that quest reward. Initially, the tribe's bank balance will viewable by general members on the tribe's bank page at the web site (in time this page will only be viewable those with a higher security clearance).

    * PvPers: Your quests will be kills against evil players or enemy tribes in order to keep our nearby lands free for our harvesters and scavengers. You will become skilled at setting traps for evil players. The more prosperous is the town due to your skilled PvP activities the better your profit sharing multiplier.
    * Crafters: Your quests will be providing items and resources for continued city expansion. The more prosperous the city the greater will be your profit sharing multiplier and your direct profits from the additional players that will buy your goods. Just remember to set prices fairly since most of your customers will be fellow tribe mates. Crafters will be encouraged to form families (companies) to integrate their production. The tribe will record and enforce contracts between companies and between companies and members.
    * Explorers and Harvesters: Your quests will be finding, harvesting, and delivering valuable resources to the tribe for use in city projects. The more prosperous the city the greater will be your profit multiplier and the income from the crafters who will purchase your resources.
    * PvEers: Wild creatures (animals, mutants, undead) will multiply and threaten our lands if not kept in check. Your quests will be to keep this threat under control and to bring back animal resources to the tribe. Again the more prosperous the city the greater will be our profit sharing multiplier.
    * Content Designers and Tribal Staff (diplomats, intelligence gathers, etc): The quest system will not be able to define quests for these essential services so they will be supported from city taxes. Profit sharing will come from the "Fudge Fraction" which the tribal leader will distribute based upon performance. For example, a successful event that draws in lots of people to our city will be rewarded proportionally. The good will generated and the extra population should translate into greater economic activity.

    PvP and Diplomacy

    At game launch and there-after the civilization building and peaceful seeking tribes will have lots of evil enemies whose aim is conquest and loot. The best defense for civilization is a good offense to keep these enemies weak. Consequently members who go into the wilds where they are subject to attack will have to learn their role in trap and ambush tactics (we will practice and do this often). Members averse to direct PvP will take on the rabbit role, that is, the lure for the trap. Even a few seconds hesitation on the part of an attacker will increase the odds of an escape by a resource gatherer since the attacker will never know if an ambush awaits him just over the next hill. To be good at PvP requires constant practice so our PvPers will never be without targets as these evil tribes will need to be "civilized".

    In foreign policy our natural alignment will be with other constructive, creative, and peaceful tribes. Our natural antagonists will be evil tribes of various sorts. These include tribes that roleplay evil (we will roleplay good), tribes seeking conquest, tribes out for PvP loot, or tribes that are simply rude and crude.

    Content Creation and Roleplay

    Since Xsyon does not provide traditional game content such content needs to be provided by the tribes. A civilized city is more than the buying and selling of goods, it is also a place for social activities centered around a common interest. In game these interests fall under the heading of light roleplay. Some ideas for roleplay families and clans within Ancient Embers are:

    1. Vampires - According to author Ann Rice Venice had some vampires
    2. Commercial guilds - real and roleplay (hamster raising, artists, embalmers, etc)
    3. Schools - magic, ancient writing, philosophical, equestrian, "old" technology, etc.
    4. Religious Cults - who knows whats gods will be appearing
    5. Political Parties - For example, a "Save the Rat" party my have levels called "Big Cheese", "Small Cheese", "Stinky Cheese", "Rat Berries". Roleplay does not always have to be serious.

    Content designers will be encouraged to adapt their real world interests to this game for the educational benefit of all. The tribe's forum software allows the various leaders to award various status points for the completion of non-monetary roleplay quests. This tribe only has one rule regarding roleplay and that is do not bring real world subjects into the game. Leave that for out-of-game communication.

    As for tribal lore: Oakstead is a descendant of Sir John Hawkwood who was the commander of the highly respected mercenary army, the White Company, in Italy during the early Renaissance. In his later years he became the Commander-in-Chief of Florence and saved Florence from annexation by Milan. So who knows what heirlooms Oakstead may have inherited and saved from the recent apocalyptic destruction or what interest the new gods might have in his activities.

    Family Friendly

    This is family friendly tribe meaning that profanity and crudeness are prohibited. Profanity has its place as a strong emotional expression but it should not be a common part of your vocabulary. As a family friendly tribe we are open to casual players with real family responsibilities. While you many not be suited for time demanding tasks this diverse tribe has lots of opportunities for you.

    We seek players from all time zones since the cluster organization allows for players on at similar times to group together and be organized. Later in the game a round the clock presence will also provide better defense. Finally talking with people out of your own region is always enlightening.


    1. Hacking or subverting the intended game mechanics is prohibited. All bugs will be immediately reported to the devs.
    2. Routine use of profanity, crudeness, or language that insults any group is prohibited.
    3. Do not bring out of game subjects into the game itself, that is for private tribe chat or other out-of-game communication.
    4. Dishonesty or theft with tribal members is prohibited.
    5. Follow the tribal laws and direct orders from your leadership unless they are violating a law. If that happens then report that to a higher level officer.
    6. Members should exhibit Courage, Courtesy, and Honor. Whatever you do reflects back on the reputation of Ancient Embers.
    7. Don't take in-game events personally as it is just a game.


    Spies are a fact of life in competitive PvP games so the proper balance must be struck between sharing information among all members and security. We also have different security levels on our website forum. If needed we can even password protect certain forums. At game launch the tribal leader will need to see every member in game in order for that person to remain a member. After game launch all tribal applicants will need to be verified in-game before becoming a member. Any tribe that sponsors spies against us will be dealt with accordingly.


    I was a fleet commander is early Eve leaving that game for Dark and Light were I was guild leader in the 3rd largest guild on the Light side at launch. Since then I have sampled most games but have not really committed to any of them until now. I have been on since January 2004 under this same name. I am married and have a family responsibilities of my own. Once the tribe gets going I expect much of my time will be taken up with content creation, information gathering, diplomacy, and general tribal management. I love history and mythology and would not be surprised if ancient runes of of Phoenician-Aramaic letters appear once tribes can upload textures for basic shaped crafted objects (hopefully).

    Tribal Admissions Test

    In order to join Ancient Embers you must answer the following 6 questions involving Xsyon and Ancient Embers. These 6 questions are basic test of intelligence and dedication and you are allowed one error. You will find all the game information at MMORPG.COM here:

    1. Will the slope of the terrain in Xsyon affect your character's movement? Yes, No
    2. Will all scavenged objects in Xsyon have a crafting purpose? Yes, No
    3. Can cities in Xsyon impose taxes? Yes, No
    4. What is the main characteristic of the Ancient Embers Tribe? Militaristic Conquest, Nomadic Nature-Lovers, Commercial Expansionist
    5. Will the Ancient Embers Tribe use game hacks to gain an advantage over other tribes? Yes, No
    6. Can any member of Ancient Embers propose tribal laws? Yes, No

    In order to make sure you have an enjoyable gaming experience I need to know something about your gaming interests, previous gaming experience, estimated times in which you may play, etc.. I also need to know the name you go by on the Xsyon and MMORPG.COM forums. Please send your answers via a personal message to Oakstead. Once accepted you will need to click on the application button at the top of our web site so I can admit you to the website.

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    Re:Ancient Embers - Commercial, Content Creation, PvP

    I would like to welcome Monfols to Ancient Embers!

    Also the tribal web site link above has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    Re:Ancient Embers - Commercial, Content Creation, PvP

    Oakstead wrote:
    I would like to welcome Monfols to Ancient Embers!

    Also the tribal web site link above has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Ty for the welcome Oak, may the remains of the lost world glow as ember after the fire.

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    Re:Ancient Embers - Commercial, Content Creation, PvP

    I would like to welcome a new member to our tribe, Laquila112!

    Laquila's main interests are the economic game so he will be another valuable addition to our team.

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    Re:Ancient Embers - Commercial, Content Creation, PvP

    Your description of Ancient Embers sounds very interesting and Im sure you thought it through. Intriguing

    Seeing that Roleplaying is somewhat incorporated into the charter, which I think is good. What is your thoughts about ingame names and such?
    The reason for my question is this thread:

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    Xsyon Citizen
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    East Coast, US

    Re:Ancient Embers - Commercial, Content Creation, PvP

    Greetings Oaksteed. I just wanted to wish you luck with your tribe. You have a nicely detailed and thought-out post.

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    Re:Ancient Embers - Commercial, Content Creation, PvP

    A "good leaning neutral guild" is always welcome to our humble village!
    I'm looking forward to maintain good and prosperous trading and relations with AE

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    Re:Ancient Embers - Commercial, Content Creation, PvP

    Moll wrote:
    Your description of Ancient Embers sounds very interesting and Im sure you thought it through. Intriguing

    Seeing that Roleplaying is somewhat incorporated into the charter, which I think is good. What is your thoughts about ingame names and such?
    The reason for my question is this thread:
    Sorry for the late reply. I expect all members to have names that fit into the game.

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    Re:Ancient Embers - Commercial, Content Creation, PvP

    I look forward to working with both the Nomads and the Hopi. Thank-you for your greetings.

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    Re:Ancient Embers - Commercial, Content Creation, PvP

    Thanks for the welcome Oakstead.

    Every commercial city state needs at least one merchant family. The L’Aquila house will gladly contribute its commercial ambitions on behalf of the creation of a great city state.

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