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Thread: Xsyon Installer

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    Xsyon Installer

    Hello everyone I am new to Xyson... Really looking forward to playing this game. I do have a question however.

    When I ordered the game - there was the download link. Selected download etc. My protection software informed me there is a threat located in the download file... Like a noob I went ahead and just disabled my security system. The download started, I proceeded to turn my security back on and I Blue Screened... I restarted my comp etc. and everything is running fine, the game proceeded to download, and I am now starting the patches to the game... My question is : Did this happen to all of you when you took the download? (Not the blue screen, but rather the threat warning.) It's not a good thing if your downloaded files have threats on them... lol... I'm also worried that the game didnt install/download fully - it wasnt even finished downloading when I blue screened but here I am installing the patches from the installer lol..
    Thanks for all replies.
    Looking forward to playing the game!

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    Nope, Ive installed this game over 20 times too on different computers.

    What security system do you use?

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    Thanks for the response.

    Webroot, I got it all downloaded and installed and created my character, Im just worried about turning my security back on now lol.

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    You should email support.

    That would be my advice.

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    Ok so I just left my security off through the whole download/install. The threat seemed to be in the actual WinRAR Installer App itself. Once the game was installed, I was able to remove the Installer App extracted from Rar and now there are no problems at all and the installed game itself is clean. Thanks for all who helped!

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