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    Questions of Week 03/12 through 03/18

    Please post your Questions to the Developers below...

    Thank you.

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    We havnt really been updated in a while of some of the things to come in the short/medium/long vision.
    Is there a way you can tell us a little of the plans you have for these time lines? Nothing we are going to hold you to, just something we can dream about.

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    1. Is the plan to keep granite an unlimited resource, like how you can keep gathering from it forever in the same spot?

    2. Loading times are taking up to 10 minutes to get in game even after you die and load back in. Is there anything in the works that's going to reduce this time significantly? I know this will be on people's top complaints when you do the free time for old accounts.

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    Will the progress on gaining stats and the progress on the quality forever be hide? Talking about a percent or maybe a coloured bar to show it.

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