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    Your Top 5 Fix Requests

    What are your top 5 fix requests?

    Anything that you think is broken and should be fixed.

    Please do not list totem decay, we already know it's coming soon.

    I'll start it

    1. To much clicking while crafting
    2. Loading Times
    3. Having to max all the crafts and skills that give exp to get the max HP (I know this isn't due to being broken, but needs to be changed anyway imo)
    4. Invisible creatures killing me
    5. It takes a long time to check to see if your game is up to date before you can get to the login screen (this along with how long it takes to load into the game is a major pain)

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    Xsyon Citizen
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    amish paradise PA
    1: Combat is kind of stiff, " I'd love to see somewhat similar to Scyrim, more weapons "ranged".
    2: Domestic animals attacking people, need more wild animals, animals aren't effected by stamina loss.
    3: Not enough freedom for placing and moving structures, short medium and tall fences, larger roofs and/or be able to sink poles in to the ground.
    4: Not being able to auto stack items/resources.
    5: When land is cleared from grass/branches around a tree, make it so branches could accumulate over time again.

    ?: When totem decay come in affect, make them turn in a junk piles if owners don't return back.

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    1. Load times in both the launcher and client.
    2. LOD models and textures (especially landscape like mountains and terraformed terrain) are kind of horrendous. Need more, smoother transitions or allow those of us with a lot of VRAM to disable them.
    3. Clicks that are unresponsive. You've all experienced it. A lot of times you click and/or pull up a context menu and choose an action and nothing happens and have to repeat to get it to work.
    4. Funky collision models that don't correspond to the visual model. Not sure if they are trying to save time by using occlusion models as bounding "boxes" or calculating them on the fly or what, but a lot of things have collision models that extend way beyond the actual object. It may also just be a built in buffer space that is simply set way too high.
    5. Half/non- functioning bonus attributes on materials and crafted goods.

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    1. Crafting is way too much clicking and too active. Maybe let us stack up to 20 at a time or something. On certain "smaller" crafting items.
    2. Combat cross-hair or something similar. It is too hard to tell what I'm swinging at.
    3. An indicator that you receive a whisper or someone talks in tribe chat. Just something similar to a flashing tab or a sound effect. Too many times I see a whisper hours after it was sent
    4. When you fall, it takes energy as if you jumped. So if you run downhill from a foe, you run out of stamina too quickly.
    5. Maybe allow us to take less fall damage when falling into water.

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    1) Lag,desync, etc
    2) PVE fixed (# of animals, bonuses from animals, balancing issues with them etc)
    3) PVP reasons to fight contested resources, loot thats balance and reasons to want to wear armor/weapons/etc.
    4) After a jump, you have to click 2 times to do actions/items.
    5) Chat fixes (pasting in info, no flashing when you get a /w, no way to see who you sent a /w to etc)

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    1) Reason to pvp. That topic has been beaten to death so no need to go into detail.
    2) More depth to combat (weapon types, traps, special but realistic skills to be used here and there, maybe not even in every fight)
    3) General depth to the architecture system. Things such as the ability to build multi-structure buildings without building the dirt mounds. Have the actual resources used in each scheme make the wall appear to have these logs, or this rock type, or that color whatever--you get the picture.
    4) Portable light source.
    5) Basing this one off my most recent knowledge of the game (from before the account system was fixed): General optimizations to the client side to be able to run the game smoother in higher detail. My pc runs games way more graphically intensive than this game is yet I have to dial down the graphics, but again, I haven't played in a while.

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    Xsyon Citizen
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    I thought it would never happen but: ALL the point DDT mentioned
    Point 3&4 of Shaggy .

    ANd then once more LAG

    Its driving me crazy , delay on opening baskets, delay on terraforming, delay in gathering and so on.
    The whole game feels a bit sluggisch is the term i think

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    Moving this to Developer section.

    Please keep this going.


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    Animals not fighting in the water.

    Bonus effects from animals and items not all working/having an effect.

    Making supreme everything without even trying fixed.

    Lag in pvp fixed.

    Faster decay on Armor and decay on anything that dont decay at all like waterskins.

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    Animals not fighting in water, very big problem
    Load times are a big one
    Bonuses not working, not noticeable
    Combat is still too clunky; it needs to be visceral, fluid, and fun
    Carts getting stuck on everything, not going up ramps, not crossing deep water (until bridges and boats are in)

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