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Thread: feeling down

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    feeling down

    I love this game and have been playing since pre-order I have been playing for months happy in the knowledge that i like the game and at some point people will feel the same and the game will get more populated. However, recently i have had a nightmare with lag and also my stats apparently being wiped. For me as a consumer I am feeling like at the very least I want to wait a few months for the devs to sort things out. The past month or so the game has gone from rock solid to massive lag spikes. The developers say that they are fixing the lag but i still get massive spikes i never got before. Also, my stats appeared to be reset and I sent a e-mail to the support department... still no reply. I feel like i need to step back... play some other games... and hope that this game gets those lag and customer service issues sorted!!

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    i've left a couple different times, but I always end up back here - it's the only true sandbox out there, hopefully they'll get whatever is causing the lag worked out soon.

    As for your stats resetting you should be contacting guides, devs, etc until you get a reply - I'm sure if a guide see's your post they'll get into contact with you ASAP.

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    Hello Wazcool,

    Sorry to hear you are feeling down.
    I have sent you an inbox message.

    Thank you.

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    yeah, for some reason cant send replies to private messages.. so i e-mailed support. Hoping for a reply

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