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    Statuses and skills to effect economy.

    An Idea to make economy better by choosing statuses at creation and then not being able to level them in game, and craft items with Q/D based on statuses.
    For example:
    Dexterity and Intelligence at 100 and also tool-craft skill at 100, then one could make best Q/D on tools.
    But if Dexterity and Intelligence at 50? then one could only make tools with moderate Q/D even if he has tool-craft skill at 100.

    And H/Q items should really have better bonuses then moderate quality (M/Q) items.
    I am not sure if bonuses work at this point, I made all these gear but don't really see an impact out of them, that should make a difference, we really need to have a difference between high Q/D and moderate Q/D in order for people to buy those gear/items.

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    1) I think you need to understand how the game works.
    2) I think you need to understand how crafting works.
    3) It already works like this mostly.

    P.S. Its very hard to understand a lot of what you are saying, at least for me.

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    I'm pretty sure you can level stats in game right now, so it doesn't really work as Z is suggesting.

    The nice thing about having things change while in game is it gives every player chances to re-invent themselves over the long term if they choose to. That's one of the things I really liked about the game, it's open ended. My character will change based on his life experiences. While I understand you're trying to create more specialization by limiting the stats to creation only (many people have wanted to increase specialization), I think the game would lose something really cool about it.

    I was also under the impression that if someone has toolcrafting at 100, they can make the best things, provided they use the best tools and resources. The stats do play a role of course, but it's a more subtle role than plainly whether or not someone can make a certain item at a certain quality. I think it is related to the number of successes one has being able to build the best in accordance with what that stat is related to, amongst a number of other things that may be explained elsewhere if needed.

    I also think a number of bonuses are not fully functional yet, or not highly noticeable. A high durability tool, though, will last noticeably longer. High quality will allow higher quality production results. Etc.
    Different types of tools also play a role in the outcome, scrapper, pioneer etc. It's been a while so I don't recall exactly what corresponds to what but if this isn't something you already knew, there may be someone willing to help you out in game.

    TL;DR... I can see the benefit to more specialization, but I don't think limiting the player is the answer on this one.

    Have fun

    PS. if one doesn't understand what another is saying, it is customary to ask for elaboration, or abstain from comment if there is no interest in understanding.

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