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    What crafting is turned on?

    I am curious to what is turned on right now and what I should focus on testing. I was told that tailoring bags is not in, is this true? IF this is the case it will make testing somewhat hard with limited bag space. Could you maybe pass out some bags?


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    Re:What crafting is turned on?

    good question, i would assume from my testing the intial recipes are all we get to work with for now since i got to 51 basketry and no new recipes, i could be wrong though.

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    Re:What crafting is turned on?

    Tailoring bags is not in as yet and yes it does make it a little difficult when tailoring. Could use another 5-10 slots right now. Got my tailor up to 54 skill last night with no new receipes.

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    Re:What crafting is turned on?

    I know it was not mentioned in the update notes.. but maybe they are leaving it as a surprise that there is some new things in crafting as well..

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    Re:What crafting is turned on?

    I think not even 20% of all skills are activated, yet.
    Sure, crafting is important, but I'm wondering if there are any skills that are not crafting related?
    A screenshot would be nice or, better, a link to a post or screeny i've missed

    thanks in advance!

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