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    Questions of Week 03/19 through 03/25

    Please post your questions to the Developers Below...

    Thank you.

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    What are your plans to make economy more robust in Xsyon? So far economy seems to be broken and even with guides teleporting players to trade, you only see maybe 15 people trading.

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    When are bonuses would work? like speed, durability, armor, damage.....
    Will you make charm more powerful? would charm affect scavenging for rare items/resources? so then it would be more beneficial to have it?
    Wile adding more dangerous elements to the game, will new players be able to survive solo or they going to either quit or join a big tribe?

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    What is the estimated quarter that Totem decay will be implemented?

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    When are important things going to be focused in game? Cooking, Taming, Combat, PVE, Economy?

    Can we have an idea of how the new stat system is going to work? Many people have been waiting for this and upsetting to know that its all going to change and could be wasting a lot of time without info on the system.

    Are we going to have anything to improve the fun level of the game? So far we have some fun stuff like building a city, but what about like PVE?

    Whats the use of walls and roofs in game? We going to see anything being used them anytime soon?

    Are buildings and walls going to be able to be damaged by animals or monsters?

    Are there ever going to be areas where vet players can have fun? Its not bad to build a building all day, but after a year of playing, there is no challenges in game for a vet player or group. What are your plans to improve the game for the old timers, keeping them going?

    What's your plans on travel in the game? I know mounts are set to be sometime in the next few years of development but anything any time sooner?

    Healing in game is it going to be improved so players can work as a team to heal each other, or even themselves?

    What is the alignment system going to be like, and when is it expected or was it just scrapped and not going to see it?

    What's your plans to improve working as a group in game either as a tribe or allies? Do you plan on having an ally system?

    Contested resources are we going to see anything like that in game?

    Contested regions is there going to be areas where tribes can fight over claimed land?

    You have talking about a death punishment system, is this going to be broken down in with killing yourself or vs animals or anything? What is this system going to be like?

    Are we going to get more permissions on our totem to set ranks? Like the option to set officers to pick up baskets? This was turned off, so only the leader can do it now, but is there plans to change it back or add something new?

    When are animals going to be able to be breed in captivity? if ever? What are your plans for this breeding also? Like will we need to feed them or be part of the taming skill?

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    Whats your time table for crafting tables? And how crafting tables will work?

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    Just thought I'd comment, DDT is asking all the important questions because he sees no reason to play.

    I have no reason to play as well, other than the great people (this game is a crafting/building chat room to me).

    What are your plans to add more spontaneous excitement to the game? I personally think the world needs to be much more dangerous, and revenants with aggressive spawns and aggro ranges will help this.

    Does spirit effect stat gain/loss at all? I think some people are confused on what "experience gain" means for spirit. Does it mean you get more green bar level ups in the end?

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    You mentioned in a previous answer that the system for building multistory architecture had been pushed back due to players finding another way. Are there plans to implement this soon? While the current system works, it's very tedious (though I do admire those that are able to use it) and time-consuming. Having those raise and lower buttons work on architecture would be epic! Thanks.

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    Is there any plans to help new players learn the game? I see in /y the same 10 questions asked over and over and over.

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