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    Ways to encourage a better economy

    1. Cut the amount of resources by 1/3 that you get from sorting trash.

    2. Remove a 1/3 of the trash piles.

    3. Make it so that as trash is depleted it slowly regenerates, without trash piles you really can't grind most of the craft skills. Also, with scavenging only worth doing on a trash pile the problem has been created from the beginning that eventually there will be no trash and no place to scavenge.

    4. Turn granite into nodes that deplete and regenerate over time.

    5. Get at least 1 form of "fast travel", anything that would be 2-3x faster than walking and get the guides to stop doing the trade fairs.

    6. Get the quest/market/auction system in game ASAP. (I know about the current quest system, but it's unusable as it is)

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    1) Yes, but instead of 1/3 it should be around 1/10th or 1/20th.

    2) Yes again, first cut the scrap you can pick up on a tile back down to 4 per meter. (Instead of 8) Next cut down these huge junk piles (Like my area South has) by a lot at least 30% just GONE.

    3) Yes, slowly. He does have a system for it to come back based on how much is tossed out. I like that system.

    4) Not just granite ALL rock, should have 5 to 10 rocks per meter. Forcing people to either gather the same spot over a time, or move around the area.

    5) I agree fully with this. Few things that would help.
    A)Stamina regen options, (magic, herbs, potions, food etc)
    B)Better use of roads. Right now few people use roads much, they dont offer a lot of reasons to use them. Make travel 3 or 4x faster and take 1/3 or 1/4th the stamina they do now.
    C)Carts need to be able to carry more without limiting the people to 5 steps before out of stamina. Right now they lower the weight by 90% however, just about anything gets you overweight in this game. 40 rocks gets you max weight. Yet you need 10k+ rocks to build a tribe. Carts should have a max weight, allowing you to move slowly but not draining your stamina as fast. Meaning if you have 1000kg in a cart you should move at walking speed draining like 1% stamina per second (thats 3mins of walking slowly)
    D)Remove deathporting with all the items.
    E)Reduce the weight on a lot of these basic items, a lot of items are very very heavy and impossible to really do anything with.
    F)Make the sacks of items larger than you already have. BUT ONLY IF YOU REMOVE DEATH PORTING!!

    6)Market system is much needed, a place where you can display your wares, with prices without people grabbing the item. Also a better trading system. Right now due to barter system, I cant trade recipes safely without a lot of trust because the trade window sucks, and has a few bugs with it. Plus If an item is say 900 grass twine. Cant trade it in 1 trade.

    7)Regional resources. Right now you say scavening tables are localized well they need to be a LOT more defined. We dont need to be told what each region has however, they need to be so drastic that you can figure it out. Right now I can scavenge in an area for a week and still not tell you what stuff it has more than another area.

    8)Bonuses on items need to be working and beefed up to have a reason to for master crafters to make stuff with top end bonuses and QL. Right now most people dont even care about the bonuses because the effects on things are not very good or not needed. Most of the time thing people care about is do they have XYZ item or not. Not the QL or the bonus on it.

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    Just few things I want to note.
    Instead of removing junkpiles, just part them and scatter all over map in smaller areas.
    About rocks, additional to node system, lower weight by 200%.
    Bonuses on items really need to work, right now only armor bonus work, durability and speed don't work at all.

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