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    How is everyone doing with D/C's?

    This isn't as bad as Q3 2011 (log in and get kicked after 5 minutes every time) however lately I have been getting a lot of disconnects. Maybe 1 per hour on average, and sometimes they come in quick succession, maybe 10 minute after logging in.

    But on average I'd say at least 5-10 d/c per day. And crashes too. Game just freezes and goes into not responding.

    How is everyone else doing here?


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    I get alot of DC's as well, usually when i'm transferring the entire contents of one basket to another, however lately i've been getting DC'd while just standing around doing nothing. I hope this is one of the problems that will be addressed with the optimization patch in the morning.

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    No dc's as far as i know, but an crash about every 1 a 2 hours is normal

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    No D/Cs here in weeks. I get a crash once about every 3 days or so if I happen to stay on for hours at a time. Last couple of crashes were D3D/animation crashes, I think, as I was just standing in one spot gathering stone/sand when it happened.

    I haven't had zone change related issues (crashing, objects not loading) since the zone subdividing and tree change.

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    I have seen an increase in crashes too. I've also had missing objects (trees, rocks, totems, structures, even the terraformed earth) as travel around the map, but it only last for a short time before everything loads up again.
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    I crash at least once everytime I log on, nothing as bad as your saying where its 10 mins later or in quick succession.

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    for me 1 crash every 5 hours seems to be normal ... so normally I only experience 1 cash in an evening - either i am lucky or i avoid doing "bad stuff" that breaks the client.
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    I rarely crash, if I do crash its normally from a known issue.

    Also I have been crashing like Wang said when moving full baskets or dropping carts from my back when they are full.

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    Please send your crash logs to support at These are located in your install folder under log.

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