If BOW with ARROWS is coming.Then XSYON is also a Sports game!..(i hope we can see optical Arrows in Objects!).
My Plan is to make a constant Player event.
- a TRACK/ROUTE with Street textures. At the end of the Track is a shooting range.
- at the shooting range you must shoot on a small object ( you have 5 arrows).If you shoot with one arrow beside this object you must run with your CART a small extra track.
- Winner is the first person who have the 10 rounds completed.

POINTS for the BIATHLON League:

first winner -------> 10 Points
second Winner ----> 9 Points
third winner ----> 8 Points
fours winner -----> 7 Points
fives winner -----> 6 Points
six winner -----> 5 Points
seven winner ---->4Points
eight winner ---> 3 points
nines winner ---> 2 Points
tens winner -----> 1 Point

the other player ---->0 Points

Many LEAGUES are Planed and we have a weekly actual CHART in the Forum!
More is coming..WHEN ITS DONE (Ranged Combat)