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    New Player Seeking Ambitious Tribe

    Extensive Sandbox & Competitive MMO Experience. 8 years/12 accounts Eve Online, Military Director and later Dictator of one of the largest space holding alliances for 2.5 yrs.

    2 Years DarkFall Online.

    Seeking ambitious tribe, Empire Building (when possible by game), Military (PVP).

    Game is still installing, will update thread with in game name after character creation.

    Thank you.

    PS. Sucks that forum forces you to use your account login as a display name for all to see.

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    I agree its really stupid.

    Welcome to the game, I hope it's for you. No territory control yet but you sound like you have the experience to form the type of tribe I'd be looking to play in when that does come into the game.. if...

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    Atm not really that many tribes actively pvping as there isn't really a point

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    If you're US military or a military dependent the Wolverines are an option. We were the guiding force behind several large alliances/groups in Darkfall Online and ran one of the largest alliances on the Emerald server in Planetside.

    Our membership requirement is such because we are focussed on providing a gaming community for military veterans so we have a premium on RL military service to include myself having C2 experience on a tactical and strategic scale.

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