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Thread: U.K. Players?

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    U.K. Players?

    Any players from the U.K. if so how is the ping and how does it effect the game?

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    There is a player from UK in our homestead village (MOHICAN homestead village) he gets about 150 ping I think? I don't think it bothers him too much.


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    i from UK, 125ms ping its fine suffer a bit in combat but as combat goes everyone suffers anyways lol
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    Yeah, I dont think ping matters much unless its combat, and in combat everyone has crap lag.

    Sometimes I play with like 900ping because of uploading videos and its not a major issue. If I were to look for items it gets upsetting with that much lag because the names or types of items doesnt display right away, but at 150, or so ping its 100% playable and not really even a problem.

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