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Thread: Trial?

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    Hey there,

    Is there any trial option for this game?

    Thank you


    Sorry for this thread, just saw that no trial is available for this game. To bad ....

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    There are some game play videos on YouTube that might help you see if the game is something you might want to play.

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    Yes i saw those movies and i can tell you that thise game is something i want to play , but i realy want to try it first.

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    ill bump this one for the Trial option .. looks like it could become an addictive game but 40$ seems it bit much if its a bummer

    would be truly awesome with a 7 or 14 days free trial

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    bump. $40 and $15/mo is a lot now with most MMOs going free to play. I would love to try this game but its not worth a $40 gamble. Please offer a trial.

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    A 1-3 day trial would be great.

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    After some time waiting i decided to buy this game. Im downloading atm and just want to say hello to all of you .

    I will play on EU server. How is population on eu server?

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    There is only 1 server you can play on.
    US and EU choice is the patcher download only. The server is ONLY in the USA for the game server.

    Welcome to Xsyon.

    If you need help just ask for me /w MrDDT

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    Thank you for reply. And how is population?

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    Game population is really low. I would guess around 100 people online at best.

    However, our tribe is fairly active still. We have about 12 actives. Right now as I'm typing this we have 8 people online.

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