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    Questions of Week 03/26 through 04/01

    Please post your Questions to the Developers Below...

    Thank you.

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    New player here. Just purchased earlier today, Played for about 8 hours. Joined Industrial Strength where I have gotten to know one of Xsyon's more vocal community members, MrDDT.

    First, let me compliment the absolutely amazing game engine you have here, the potential for Xsyon is through the roof and beyond that of any mmo currently available. I have been playing sandbox MMO's for over a decade. I spent 8 years in Eve Online, some time in DarkFall and Mortal Online, as well as history in UO before any of the aforementioned.

    Now to my questions,

    Xsyon is lacking some very important aspects of gameplay that is severely hurting it's potential to appeal to a wider audience. While still a niche audience (as sandbox MMO's in general cater to niche communities) the market penetration for Xsyon is nowhere near where it could be.

    First and foremost is some incentive to perform tasks such as crafting and various other activities beyond a general enjoyment of performing the task. For example, Xsyon has a fantastic crafting system that rivals even the most celebrated crafting in most mmo's, unfortunately the game offers very little reason to do so. The lack of meaningful combat (PVE and PVP) limits the demand for a great deal of crafted goods. The lack of decay on top of that leads to saturation that would occur even if there was a demand. This alone creates a double whammy.

    Combat, PVP, PVE and the risk/reward game that comes with it. Xsyon is a full loot sandbox that should be an exciting and scary world to live in. Unfortunately it is not, it is a world of carelessness because there is no risk or sense of survival that would stimulate this game and bring in likely thousands of new and returning subscribers. A post apocalyptic world would likely be very chaotic and consist of many warring factions striving for dominance and a desire to be the new superpower government that arises in the aftermath of societies collapse.

    While I could write a wall of text and further elaborate, I am going to leave it at just this for now.

    Is there any plans to implement any of the above? if so what is the Xsyon development team doing to make this a reality? What kind of time frame can we expect to start seeing implementations leading to it? or am I confused about what Xsyon is and is striving to become?

    Thank you for taking the time to read and reply to my questions and concerns, I look forward to spending many years here in your wonderful virtual world.

    Yosef of Industrial Strength

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    Tree Regrowth

    1) Will there be future adjustments to tree spawn numbers?

    My concern is that trees grow like weeds in clusters making planting impossible because (The zone has reached it's limit) making us need to clear a few hundred trees to plant one tree. Then a short time later it's over grown again with the clusters even more packed, disallowing planting again. This makes for large treeless tracks, and small mass clusters of trees. It kind of kills the forestry skill as well as the resource value of lumber.

    I would like to see trees spawn only in spring and in limited numbers allowing players more control of trees in their zone.

    2) Can or will the distance between objects and trees be minimized?
    As of now you cannot plant near other objects. That is fine but I can plant about 6 meters from another tree and some objects, but I can't plant within 20 meters of branches or logs on the ground, baskets and many other objects. (Sometimes it's the item in a basket that it says is too close). So the only way to plant on a busy tribe is to tear down everything, plant trees and rebuild. Which is what I have been doing It would be nice to be able to plant as long as nothing is in the maximum footprint of the tree.

    3) Will the footprints of some large trees be adjusted to better represent the actual size of the tree? IE The Douglas Fir. The Footprint is about a meter larger in diameter than the graphics, making it very hard to build anything near the tree as it makes things inaccessible with it's invisible wall. As stated above, you need to tear down, plant a tree, then rebuild. If a ramp is a bit too close to the tree you cannot use the ramp.

    Thanks for all you do!

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    There was some server and loading optimizations - it feels like much better and faster then before. Is this "round" finished?

    Next round include Skill, Stat and Experience revisions from what i can see.

    Can you speak in numbers what there will be changed on the HP - Skill - Expierence problems we have now?
    So for example if i skill up something from 5 to 25, gaining 1 full green exp bar and lets say 1 HP.
    I put up another skill from my points i have from 5 to 25 - do i gain 1 HP?

    Some or better say most people go around the actual issue and grind skills they dont like to do just because of the HP buff.
    So even if you will be giving 0.5 HP for this example, it will stay the same.
    So will it be a 1,0 - 1,0 revising? No more skilling up something you dont really like to do at the cost of HP?

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    Do you still plan to revamp fishing? If so in what round is it planned for?

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