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    Temple of Gods - Player Organised - 2012/04/08

    Temple of Gods - Player Organised - 2012/04/08

    Greetings Survivors!

    On 2012/04/01 - this coming Sunday, The Temple of Gods - Player Organised Event will take place created by Whorlok.

    If you wish to take part, please provide the following information below...

    Character Name:
    Tribe Name:
    If you wish to be an Attacker or Defender:

    The Deadline for entrants is Saturday 12am PST

    Each participating Player or Tribe will create a temple out of stacks of wood. Outside of their Tribe safezone.

    We require different size temples, and the larger the size temple, the more prizes you will get.

    You may choose from: 3x3 Stack of Logs Temple / 5x5 Stack of Logs / 7x7 Stack of Logs

    Each temple should be built in this formation...

    |||| |||| ||||
    |||| XXX ||||
    |||| |||| ||||

    You will place a bin in the centre, marked by the X.

    The Amount of bins you can place is dependent on the Temple size...

    3x3 = 1 bin
    5x5 = 2 bins
    7x7 = 3 bins

    You will then need to choose a God for each Bin. And then Label the Bin with your Tribe name and the God you have chosen.
    These bins will need to be open to public, so that Guides can place the tokens, and the attackers can loot.

    - The "god of armor" they called him "GUIDE MIHR"
    - The "godess of weapons" they called her "GUIDE SOPHIA"
    - The "god of resources" they called him "GUIDE FORFAX"

    This will determine what Items you get in your Bin at the end of the event.

    Inside each of these bins, we will place a token Item.

    The object for the Defenders is to defend the bins with the Tokens inside them, we will then count how many tokens are left a the end of the event, and reward accordingly.

    The object for Attackers is to destroy the Temples, and claim the Tokens inside the bin, these will then be handed to the Guide to claim the rewards as attackers. (Right click Destroy, is your friend).

    Starting at 12pm PST each defender will get 1 hour to Build their temples with the logs they have gathered. (You may gather the logs required to build your temple right now. And store them).
    At 1pm PST we will give the go ahead for the attackers to lay siege to the defenders Temples.

    No Building the temple before 12pm PST on 2012/04/08
    No attacking before 1pm PST on 2012/04/01
    Attackers must wait for the go ahead from the Gods in order to begin the Attacking.

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    Is this saying we cant attack people until after this event?

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    No attacking from 12pm to 1pm PST on 1st April during temple construction part of the event, before and after this you can do what you like as far as I can tell.

    Although I'd say if people are prevented gathering logs leading up to this event, therefore no temples will be constructed during the 1 hour building period, no goodies from the gods will be given to the builders or the attackers so a non event for everyone is say, if that's what your questioning DDT

    Unless if you tell the guides you want to be a defender they could spawn the required number of logs inside your area before event?

    I really like the idea of this event, but see no incentive to be a defender if you gotta collect logs yourself, do defenders get better reward over attackers?

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    At 1pm PST Guides will go around each Defenders Temple and check to make sure its completed.
    If its completed and the Gods are satisfied, then they will fill the Bin/s placed in the middle full of Tokens.

    The idea behind the Defenders is that they need to protect the Temple and its bin, and save as many Tokens as possible, since they will be traded in for valuable items.

    Then the Idea behind the Attackers, is they need to destroy their way through the Logs, and attack the players whilst trying to steal tokens out of the bin.

    These are then exchanged for Valuable items.

    Players may start chopping for logs right now, and store them for the Event.
    Were not expecting players to chop down logs and construct the 7x7 temple in 1 hour. hehe

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    Yeh, i understand all that Raguel , what i mean is its more work for a defender than attackers collecting all the logs 192 for the 3x3 if i remember correctly from Whorloks post leading up to the event on Sunday. And from DDT's post player attack leading up to the event while out collecting logs.

    How long is the seige period? Can defenders if they die re-enter seige from their nearby totem?, Can attackers re-enter seige upon death etc? Or once you dead thats it

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    No Building the temple before 12pm PST on 2012/04/01 (19:00 GMT/London, 21:00 CET/Vienna/Berlin/Brussels, 23:00 MSK/Moscow)
    No attacking before 1pm PST on 2012/04/01 (20:00 GMT/London, 22:00 CET/Vienna/Berlin/Brussels, 24:00/0:00 MSK/Moscow)

    This is for all the european players so that we have a simple reference about the time sheme.

    .oO(Vienna is first in CET because it is the most beatiful city in Europe - and I live there)

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    I dont see anyone posting here does that mean no one entered?

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    Was gonna enter if they had clarified and completed the rules.
    If they don't its just gonna lead to more moaning and whinging like after last weeks SIMPLE PvP event lol

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    What other Rules would you like Clarified?

    The Siege period would be for 1 hour.
    And Yes players may re-enter the battle if they die. On both sides.
    If the Defenders are able to keep a hold of all Tokens, and not loose any, then the defenders will receive an extra prize.

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    I asked 2 questions neither were answered.

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