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    Current Animal Spawn Rate! *4/1/12*

    Thank you whoever turned this up. There is life in Xsyon now. I want so say thank you and this is a lot more fun.

    I did want to make a few comments about this.

    1)Shadowbears/Plateback Bears are not spawning. Ive not seen one in over 2 weeks unless a guide has spawned it at the event.
    2)Animal AI is not working very well. Many animals are not attacking back, getting caught on many things, and doing loops (circles).
    3)Animals still not attacking in water.
    4)Animals are NOT breeding. They are spawning. What this means is, that you have set spawn points throughout the map where suchandsuch type of animal will spawn there. Some of these areas are mutant, some are normal, Some are coyote, some are raccoon. If you have say 5 raccoons in an area, not killed for a few days, they dont breed 3 or 4 more raccoons. If you kill off the 5 raccoons, 2 or 3 more will spawn in that area.

    This isnt a "I want to whine thread" I'm happy with this change, I think it makes the game more fun and it might be a temp fix until we can get smarter animals and better breeding. I understand its going to take time. Im very happy with this change to make it more fun. I made these comments to show that there are still problems.

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    10x more animals giving 10x less resources would be nice. I'll have to log in and check this out.

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    Two cats used to wander around my area, they fell in a big hole, days later there are more like 7 cats in the hole, some baby ones (Shoe size)... Considering there isn't much much else for them to do down there. I think they are mating.

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