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    I recently found this game after I tried Haven and Hearth and I have questions to ask..
    I played Haven and Hearth and I kinda liked it but there was too much lag for me to play.. I really want to play this game but I am scared that I am going to have too much lag and then it would be a waste of $40. On Haven and Hearth, lag makes the game unbearable for me so I was wondering, does lag make this game unbearable too or is it possible to play properly. I lag because I am from South Africa and we have crap internet. I usually get pings of 300-400 to servers in America.

    Another question I wanted to ask is how big the game is.

    All help will be appreciated,

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    My ping is very good so I can't speak from first hand experience but my understanding is with pings at 200 and below it's very playable. It sounds like your ping may be a bit too high.

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    If you are looking to find a building/crafting game this Xsyon is good for you and your ping would be fine. If you are looking for more of the combat side of things, PVE or PVP. I would try to find a better internet, or another game. 300+ ping will not be good for the twitchish combat Xsyon has. Its not 100% twitch like Counter-Strike or something but your lag does and will effect you in combat.

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