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    The Founders Great Maze! 2012-04-08

    Thats right Survivors!

    The Guides have created a huge maze inside the founders island, for any player to take part in this coming Sunday at 12pm PST.

    This is a fun event, with no PvP and No looting.

    The goal of the Maze Event is simple, find your way to the centre of the maze, without being eaten by any of the Mutants that now call this maze home.
    The first and second Player that finds their way to through the maze and to the middle alive will win a prize!

    The event will start at 12pm PST on 2012-04-08
    At the Founders Island.

    We will start summons at 11:45am PST.

    Hope to see you all there.

    This will replace the previous announced Event.

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    Couple of concerns I have with the event not to be a negative Nancy but hopefully to prevent possible problems.

    1. Bear heads for prize: Flaws are that not everyone had a skinning knife with them, sometimes you fail on gathering parts, If someone fails and no one claims it, then if someone dies has killed that animal ever in game in group etc and kept the head, could turn it in for prize. Also I can stand there wait and let people kill it and just need to be first to skin head.

    Possible Different Way: Event Animal Drops token for the killer of bear. though this is still flawed itself, most % dmg health to animal would be ideal, though even that isn't flawless.

    2. Maze Entrance Doors Shut: I ran around the maze endless both round, when I found the open gates I rushed out excited only to find I had exited out the entrance. Discouraged I gave up.
    I went in through the exit the first round, explored and came back out after boredom, but Mihr and other guides believed I was second place. If I had not told them I was not 2nd place winner
    in 1st round I could have merrily made off with someone elses prize.

    I am not gonna lie for a game item, but I know plenty of people who might. Anyways, I appreciate the event, just a couple concerns is all. Thank you for the shirt btw!

    Happy Easter, cheers!

    - Creator

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    Good points Creator... Also who were the winners I had family dinner and couldn't make this one.

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