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    "temple of gods" new pvp map

    The new interactive MAP is ready for Rumble!
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    I think few people are doing this because its confusing.

    What does terraforming have to do with this? I'm sure I will have more questions.

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    Terraforming --->Basic Structure of the Temple:

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    Tribe name: Germania
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    I will attack these, but I dont see me building it. I dont promote having people use totems and terraforming making these things.

    Biggest thing I see with this is that it requires a second account by someone to do this and also has the problem of someone with another account or a new player to just drop a totem on it.

    Good luck, but I doubt I will be following these rules at all. You have no real way to enforce how people are going to play this, and because of that I wont be wasting my time. Good try. Seems like you didnt really think about it much.

    I would rather have the devs put systems in for taking or claiming resources. Many people are looking for this type of system. Where these resource claims can be taken over.

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    Good effort in trying to promote tribal wars, much needed, however getting people to leave tribe to dig more unnecessary crap in the ground aint appealing to be honest.
    This just shows the flaws with totem system and the need for expansion totems and attackable structures.
    (another one for the list Devs we will get there in time im sure)

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