Well... a new player looking for a tribe. Im 27 (almost 28) yo boy. Just bought this game. Don't actually even understand what 2 do. Just like mmo sandboxes. Ready 2 play 2-3 hours a day. I know that it's not much however have a wife and 4month yo son... so it's my max... I'm from Russia, have a good mmo experience. Can play in team, ready 2 do whatever u want or whatever u say, any hard work, or boring 1. Just need some help 2 start and some advises, and u'll get all back trippled. Can create character whereever u want. Skype zloygrrrr, (can't speak alot, especially in the evening, more typing...) icq 27425896... however don't use much... prefer skype. Would be glad 2 find "noobie help tribe" or something like this =) 12-14 yo boys guild - i bag u guys - DND =)