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    Insights to Nomadic Play Style in Xsyon

    Not really a proper tutorial, I leave that to more talented people with more time.

    It isn't a flawless video and I would like to elaborate a little bit more on the topic with more videos at a later time.


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    Nice work!

    Good job on the video Creator =) I think there are many people who come into this game wondering if they can solo (be a nomad). This should help those people make an informed decision. I have always been a guild/tribe guy, but there is certainly an appeal for me being the lone wolf at times too.

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    Very nice - I played in that respect for some time - and probably will again - its just nice to see that Xsyon makes it possible to start with nothing and create all the tools from scratch

    "The one that should not be named" killed me once quite far away from home - and i went back to the place just to find out that all the baskets I placed in that area were gone. So I started to create a mallet, chisel, pliers (sorting metal for the small sheet of metal), crafting knife, weaver, lasher ... just to be able to create some baskets

    Once you have your forager tools - you can start from scratch - and this is fun - cause you can do it over and over again - and dont have to worry about beeing robbed :P

    The things go - but the experience and knowlegde stays - and so does the entertainment

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