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    Questions of Week 04/09 through 04/15

    Please post your Questions to the Developers below...

    Thank you.

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    I started playing about two weeks ago and only recently came across the fact that my stats actually effect more than just how fast I learn something. I read through the manual it makes no reference to this fact. I only came across it by reading through a lot of forum posts. Then, today some one tells me that what my Spirit and Perception are effects what quality granite I gather at a given Resource skill level.

    Would you scrap the manual all together and add this kind of "need to know" information about how your character works in detail to the offiical wiki the Guides are apparently putting together?

    Few questions about Fire Building: I understand more schemes are planned for this, but is that the only benefit the skill has, do you make better quality fire that helps regenerate energy faster? What effect, if any do fires have toward animals? I've witnessed a couple of animals going in circles around a extinguished fires, odd AI quirk or not?

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    Thanks for answering these questions and taking time to talk with the community!!

    As I've stated in my suggestion thread (linked below), this isn't a priority, but I'm extremely curious if this is even possible and, if so, is it something you'd consider? I LOVE building things and my only frustration is the one issue described in the suggestion thread.

    Thanks again!

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    Along with totem decay, have you ever considered shrinking tribe size due to inactive players? Such as a player inactive for 2 months the tribe loses it's 5m bonus from that player until he comes online? Some tribes cover a massive area but most of their members are inactive.

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    How long will it take for a totem to decay fully and will all landscaping be rectified as some of these earthworks are extreme? Can you re-roll the landscaping locally?

    Speaking as a recent noob, hearing that death penalties are to be introduced can noobs have creatures they can actually defeat like bunny rabbits? I think some of the smaller mobs are over the top for noob combat.

    I accept the game involves a lot of grinding, but most players have real life jobs and so on and to get a wider audience perhaps some auto grinding is needed off line. This is done in other games and I'm sure the materials and tools could be put into say a special tent or shack for this purpose. I'd prefer to come online and explore the world and do more active things like hunting and gathering. Purists may complain, but I've already had two of my friends get fed up with trying to grind out thousands of granite bricks and so on. The game needs an active population, so would you think about a compromise on this issue?

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    Is fixing/turning back on grass growth and tree branch/seed/twig/etc. growth on the timeline any time soon? Not sure how many times this week alone I've heard someone ask about where to get branches (10billion trees and no branches near them) or if there's something that can be done about grass that's bee picked barren.


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    I second the question of Shill - with training Wraincrafting - I had a noticeable rise in grass picking - some areas are nearly depleted - I move on to other spots for now, but this will become and issue - and I would expect that a place with grass left - would sort of "recover" from extensive grass gathering after some while ... probably introduce the winter/spring change phase to not only spawn trees, but also replenish blank grass spots... it was implemented (I guess) and it probably needs a rework to make it more stable/performant - but we will eventually run out of grass (in some heavily used) areas in the near future - especially if we are expecting some players to come back for the totem decay, and new players that are joining every week. I very much like the system (that grass is not unlimited) - but grass growth would be essential (also from a more aesthetic point of view

    Just asking about the timeline here

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    Is there going to be any stat reward for leveling up? (Like there are for skills?)

    With the new stat system change, is there going to be any option for vets that put and trained up stats to be able to change over stats basic on their current levels or anything? IE. Say I wanted to be a scavenger so I picked high PER/INT stats. But after playing for a year I have say 120 in each of those stats. Now with the new changes, I need CHA and PER, well my CHA is -4.3 right now. For me to change over my CHA to near what I had before it would take many months. Is there going to be some type of system to exchange these stats?

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