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    Feedback Request - Lag/Desynch - 2012-04-09

    Hello Survivors,

    The Test server is online with the latest build.

    See the changes here...

    The Developers would like feedback on the following issues...

    - Player Lag/Desynch on movements and combat

    You will need to test with 1 or more fellow survivors to check if any of you experience this.

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    Can we get some more animals on the test server?

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    We spawned creatures on test server so that testing with animals should be easier now.

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    After testing combat with players on the test server (About 10 of us at the same time fighting) desync seems to be working very well. I didnt see many people hitting others when they were not near them, nor missing when you should have been hitting. So thats very good. Warping around seems to be fixed a lot, even at the faster movement speeds with high AGI seems to be working out well.

    However, there still is a problem with charging attacks. You will try to hold attacks to charge up and your attack will just let go like its a fast attack after you just attacked. Sometimes this happens like 3 to 6 times in a row. Ive reported this before and its still happening, it has something to do with combat, and attacking, being hit, moving and charging attacks.

    More people fighting the worse it gets. Major issue that needs to be fixed for combat.

    Animals still seeming to slide around a little while fighting you. If you just take a step back or 2 they will sorta slide around and freak out, taking 2 to 6seconds to get to you when you are only 1 or 2 steps away.

    When running around and updating people, you will see them warp to a spot if you havnt updated their location in a bit and they moved. IE. If player A was at 500x500 last time you saw them, you walk away 600m, come back and they have moved 200m to 700x500. When you get in range you will see them quickly warp 200m across your screen.

    Another issue which is still there dealing with lag is if you are say 500m away and a come up to a player that hasnt moved in 5mins you wont see that player until they move. Then they just appear out of no where.

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    Same, no desync on combat.

    For me the only problem during the test was the recharged attacks that sometimes wasnt possible for 2-x attacks after the first one.
    Mostly got it while BEEING HIT at the WHILE first or first between second RECHARGE attempt

    I think this is all about the problem

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    The above 2 posts pretty much sum up my experiences too, animals also seem to hit well out of range and still spin and slide around alot.

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