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    Already Logged in.

    Hey, just started this playing this game with my friend. When I logged in I was also checking out the noob guide on this forum. When i moved to desktop the game got an error, but I don't remember the error message. When I try to log in now it says that You are already logged in. My friend said that i was logged in and was just standing still. I don't know what to do? Is there a auto-disconnect for that issue or? Think its like 30 mins since It happend, still can't log in

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    You cant Alt+Tab out of the game, it always crashes. After it crashes you may need to go into your tasks an insure Xsyon really closed. I haven't had a issue with it not logging out after crash, but I have gotten stuck in other games that way. So just make sure the process is ended.

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    The time it should take for the server to detect you have crashed from the server, should be a maximum of 30seconds.

    If at anytime it takes longer, you can email support

    Dakeen is indeed correct, currently if you Alt Tab out of game you may very well crash.
    The best way to counteract this, is to play in windowed mode, until we have a fix for it.

    Thank you.

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