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    Questions of Week 04/16 through 04/22

    Please Post your Questions to the Developers below...

    Thank you.

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    1. Is it possible to remove the slope check for starting a project...seems a bit usless if you can move an item to almost any slope. Right now, it's almost impossible to start a project on anything but absolutely flat surfaces, the slightest incline prevents it.

    2. Is it possible to start putting in meat as a hunter we can start to prepare for those that will cook?

    3. These is use and lock selections on waterbarrels...they are not working...I'd like to leave a waterbarrel on public access so people can eat and drink while at the Citadel.


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    I tried to find a question/answer for this, but no succes.


    Are we seeing a fix soon on the problem walking between floors?

    2.) You further plan with the rent system.

    So i allready went ahead and started making a 4 story full with rooms with walls, roofs and gates.

    Will we be able to give permission to specific players that can be able to open a gate and also multiple players?

    How will it look like?
    Will there be a craft item like keys to open my gate because its my property both the gate and the key made by me? (not lootable/tradeable) maybe with a decay over some time

    Or do we just give permission to the persons we like to get in?

    Maybe also like a system same as for friend and bins?

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    1. Does the game move on eventually from hunter gatherers onto animal domestication and agriculture to grow crops? This would give the opportunity for more architecture

    2. As a noob I've noticed the lowest grade of combat knife needs stag antlers. Stags are hard to kill and getting rare and so hunting & gutting animals, not to mention bone craft becomes impossible as I need antlers for a new knife. Can we not insert an easier starter knife that can be made? I appreciate the challenge, but not impossible gauntlets.

    3. Does the game progress eventually back to bronze or iron age where we could mine the ore and forge our own blades etc?

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    Xsyon Dev answered:
    Not very soon, but after we run totem decay we will see. We do have a system running that generated 'forest' surface around trees, but this was changing too many surfaces and causing issues, so it's turned off until we have time to heavily optimize this.
    So why not generating 'forest' surface around 2m a tree when it grows? And only on blank spots? (see suggestion

    This was my first thought after planting some trees, that I have to clean the surrounding of grass, until I heard that there is currently no 'grass' or 'forest' surface grow :-(


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    1) May I know if the "time of inactivity" that I can see on the various tribe's totems is true and respect the real time of inactivity of that tribe? Almost tribes I visited are inactive since 61 or 64 days, no more, nor less.

    2) What differences there are between having "Hiding skill" at low level or high level? I ask because I can not find particular advantages in using this skill...

    3) Do you have in mind to introduce in the game other new recipes for all the professions?

    4) wainwright is really arduos to level up! Really arduos! For create a carts i must know leathercraft or bonecraft (for some recipes), basketry (for rope) etc. Do you think to move this profession under the "construction line"?

    5) do you think we can have a new sistem for recognize if our friends or guildm8s are online?

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    We know animals have been depleted in some parts of the map. You added spawns to compensate until you can adjust breeding. My question is, is it really worth tweaking versus just having a spawning system that monitors how many animals are in the world?

    I for one love the idea that animals breed and can be wiped out from a area but others feel different. How are you going to control players that do not want to play "your game" and instead will hunt every animal down to the last? I quote "im not going to not hunt because the sys dont work im going to kill it to show them thier sys dont work". This kind of thinking actually creates a paradox in which the system would work with out that kind of thinking. Since there are a percentage of people who will play this way is it not foreseeable that you just may be tweaking breeding again and again as the player population grows?

    This also stems into scrap piles, one day they just might be depleted or mostly depeleted, I know opening new land will come with new scrap piles. Is the idea for the old areas to be filled with grass wearing unarmed players? Is there a system in place to regenerate them? I read somewhere in these questions discarded items counts toward their regrowth, but I have seen no evidence of this. If no system is in place or planned is it truly up to players to preserve them or will you regenerate them manually as complaints roll in?

    After a time of tweaking and added features will there ever be a point where take hard stance on the depletion of resources?

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    Is there going to be any kind of oversight in Guide abuse? Like guides giving players items?

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