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    Lakeside Villa - Karajah

    Greetings survivors!

    Figured since Lakeside Villa is complete (for now...I learned all kinds of tricks for the next one), I'd share a few screenshots. If I did the whole video thing, I'd include that as well. If anyone does video and wants to come by, be my guest.

    *EDIT* As I said place! Here's some updated screenshots!

    Top Floor - Visitor's Quarters and the Balcony

    Second Floor - Lots of Storage and the Fireplace Room

    First Floor - Room for future structures/improvements and the Meeting Room

    Outside Views - With New and Improved Forest!

    Took awhile, but I figured out the perfect formula for sidewalks!!

    Lakeside - From the Lake!!

    Thanks for all the support and positive feedback! Woot for Xsyon!!!

    Here is the previous project for those that are curious.

    The completed Lakeside Villa. (It's hard to get it all in one screenshot as the surrounding area is lake and trees)

    Lakeside Villa is now open to travelers and traders alike! Zone 820 - Pos: 837/771 Feel free to stop by!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by prokop15 View Post
    Looks pretty rad. Too bad it does nothing and took you forever.
    ROFL...Funny...I'm having a great time playing a game...and you're having a great time trolling the forums CONSTANTLY. To each his own I suppose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prokop15 View Post
    You seem mad... you troll yourself apparently.

    Grats on having fun, it looks rad. caught him prok! HAHAHAHA You clever guy you...with all of Shill's six posts, he has been a devious little troll, posting his negativity all over the boards. How you ever saw through him, I'll never know. Wish I was astute as you.

    It looks awesome Shill. Job well done.


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    Very Nice!

    Great Job! I will definitely come by for a visit.

    Oh and Nice post China =)

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    May have to log in to come check this out.

    You did that quicker than I thought. Or time is just flying and I haven't played for weeks.

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    prokop15 is posting with negative comments on any posting he finds ... wonder who would pay such a morron for writting negative comments on a small indi-sandbox (if he is not payed for posting negatively in this forum he is even more a morron).

    Great, great work Shill! Loved your Beachhouse, but this is even more amazing
    I am sure you will make alot of (... what ever) once renting is in the game - I ll pay for renting a part !!!

    Gratz for the completion!

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    Also impresive work Karajah, and now it looks twice awesome with the new granite walls nad the inside rooms, crazy stuff actually

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    Thanks! I'll have to post some pictures of the new place eventually. Maybe I'll do that this afternoon!!!

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    Great creation you have there!
    I wonder what the in-game value of such build would be..?

    ...50,000 Titanium Screws?

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    Updated OP with new screenshots! Thanks again community!!!

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