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    thunXa's Home

    See what it looks like now as long as it looks that good!

    Hard work and its still not done with gettin all the materials.

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    Wow, Amazing.
    I look forward to seeing it complete!

    Keep up the good work.

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    After finishing the whole first stage with buildings and closing the gaps my gate got smashed by the wall

    Trying to fix it tomorrow and will let you know.

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    Awesome, it is a little to much stone for me but... other than that I don't see revenants getting into that ^^!

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    Hey, thanks for your feedback guys.

    Thats what i thought first about the stones. But actually there is not much parts to mix.

    Inside it will look very different and at least as good as outside ;-)

    I fixed the wall and gate pretty quick yesterday.
    But i think i keep the rest for the next arch event and stay back with the pictures.

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    Nice work, I went by and saw it. Would look good with a lot of other buildings around it also. Good work. Multistory buildings are hard, fun, and feel good when they work out.

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    Yeah , I'm impressed Thunxa. Awesome building actually.

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    Great build...another for the archives of structures in Xsyon
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